Easy As Pie! TON Surf Launches A New Service — Easy Staking

Easy As Pie! TON Surf Launches A New Service — Easy Staking

TON Surf gave users three months to get used to the base platform, and now launches DePool Services in three threads.

In the first days of spring, Easy Staking appears along with a light spring wind. It will work on a Surf DePool. This is the first of the DePool Services in the spring line.

Why Is It Easy?

Even an inexperienced user of crypto-finance can use the Easy Staking service. The developers promise that the service will remain as simple as possible in the future. In the future, the mechanics of the process will include reliable DePools for those who want to. As part of the workflow, the team will improve the interaction between the user and the smart contract.

Two Actions: Make And Receive Stake

Easy Staking involves only two steps: making a stake or receiving a stake. Buttons at the bottom left.

In addition to this, the table on the left shows the percentage of reward, stake lock-up period, the min. stake size, assurance and other data.

Everyone knows that when your money is working,
statistics can be tracked indefinitely.
Therefore, in the future, the statistics table
will expand, new columns will appear.

Other Threads Of TON Surf DePool Service

DePool DeBot is a long-announced and expected by many service. And finally, the TON Surf team announces its release. The service will reveal more functionality. Users will have new opportunities for monitoring and analysis.  DeBot is located between the user and a specific smart contract as the interface of that smart contract.

There will also be a fine-tuning of DePools for Validators and Staking for the community. It will be possible to adapt the services to individual needs. 

Easy Staking, DePool DeBot, and fine tuning are parallel threads, so the launch will be non-linear.

According to the calculations of the head of the TON Surf team, Evgeny Teslov, this year, additional services and DeBots will appear on the basis of the DePool smart contract. Their task is to provide comfortable threads connection and to cover other needs of the community, “sometimes the most unexpected”. ЧWe will find out what these unexpected needs are in the process of implementing the functionality. In the meantime, the intrigue remains. Follow the news.

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