Distributed Validator-Oracle Contest

Distributed Validator-Oracle Contest

DeFi Sungovernance members have launched a Distributed Validator-Oracle Contest.

Decentralized oracles are third-party providers that act as a bridge between data from the Internet and smart contracts. They take data from the outside world, convert it into a language understandable to blockchains and transmit it into a smart contract. In other words, they link the data off-chain and on-chain.

The task for the contestants

Contestants have to implement a distributed Oracle validator as described in the document "NOT a TON Binary System”. This document is the work of Mitja Goroshevsky and Andrei Lyashin - winners of the contest for the development of the concept and design of the stablecoin Free TON. Moreover, participants should provide a testing system that takes the TON/USD price stream from an external source and send the system to a smart contract, which should be written using the Solidity and C++ programming languages.

Prize pool of the competition: 245.000 TON Crystal, ~ $90.650 at the moment of writing this article

Prize for the 1 place is  100.000 TON Crystal, ~ $37.000 at the moment of writing this article.

Submission deadline

It is necessary to submit all of the applications until the 8th of July, 2021, 23:59 (UTC).

You can submit your application here.

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