Disadvantages of the Free TON Decentralized PR: Stage 2 Contest

Disadvantages of the Free TON Decentralized PR: Stage 2 Contest

On May 27, 2021, the second stage of the Decentralized PR contest started.


The task: participants need to organize publications about Free TON in top-notch worldwide media.


The prize for the first place is 70 000 TON Crystal. 


However, something went wrong…

Community manager Roman noted the problem in the refereeing of the contest: the jury members could not come to a final decision on how to summarize the contest. Several problems have arisen:


  1. The original contest conditions were not followed;
  2. Jury members could not check the placement of paid publications;
  3. The judges were proposed two voting options, which misled them;
  4. Measuring the contribution of articles caused difficulties.


How is it proposed to solve the problem?

Roman decided to vote, proposing three options:


  1. Creating an audit of the group for analyzing articles;
  2. Ignore the problem in this contest, but spell out clear conditions in the next contests;
  3. Finish all Decentralized PR contests and rethink the direction of the decentralized PR.


What does the community vote for?

As expected, there was no consensus on the solution of the problem among members of the community. Someone even expressed the idea that arranging a vote at the forum is a bad idea. Moreover, the user FastSha invited contestants to write reports on the advertising campaign. Other members of the community, including Roman, liked the idea.


What will you vote for?

Write your ideas for solving the problem on the forum or under the publication on our channel. Your opinion is important!

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