DeVote AMA session Review ๐Ÿ“‘

DeVote AMA session Review ๐Ÿ“‘

“We are here to demonstrate that the world have changed” (E.Morozov, deVote founder)

DeVote is a transparent voting service providing anonymity.

In the U.S. elections there is a constitutional requirement, called a permanent separation of voter affidavit and voter bullet means anonymity. Thanks to Zero Knowledge (ZK) protocol, deVote can prove that:
• somebody voted
• the vote was recorded as cast by the voter
• the person’s vote is included in the final tally
• all of that — without knowing HOW that person voted

That's what makes DeVote unique. There are on the market centralized solutions only.

• Now the App allows user to produce the vote, to produce the tally and to verify the results in a simply interface
• Already combined and integrated: Core functionality of ZK and voting session initiation, voting session deployment, deployment and production of smart contracts of the voter, generation of all the keys

Close future goals
• Contacts with DAOs to allow of true anonymity of wallets
• Commercial markets from USA to all over the world
• Political voting selections — more to maintain the reputation of experts

• 1st stage was the reward in the Everscale (Free TON) contest
• 2nd one was a private small group of investors
• 3rd stage is open now: you can invest $500.000 for 10% (the project value is $5 mln at the moment)

Blockchain based
• DeVote was born in Everscale, and now it’s running in the Everscale test network
• In general, deVote is a multi-chain App
• All the data between the voter and admin will be saved in public domain on blockchain
• However the voter doesn’t have to had any crypto wallet to produce the vote — everything is paid by the admin

Testing the build for users with Android 12+ will be available soon

โ–ถ๏ธThe AMA-session was held on the web3voice channel on Discord. The video recording will be available soon.
๐Ÿ“ฑDeVote Presentation

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