DevEx Governance Meetup #40 dated July 29, 2021

DevEx Governance Meetup #40 dated July 29, 2021

Anonymous Token Design contest results: in the best tradition of Schrödinger — they are already there, but not yet final. Looking forward to the Solidity syntax highlight contest: read the contest draft, get ready in advance.

Anonymous Token Design contest results

Mikhail continues to discuss ZKP Anonymous Token contest voting results. He thinks that the jury’s expectations are unreasonably high. The level of technical performance expected by the jury is impossible to implement it in a few months. It involves years of development.

Pavel Prigolovko proposes to omit the issue with the contest results and move on to implementation stage.

Alex Novikov disagrees with Pavel’s position. He notes that only those submissions that received 50% or more rejects are considered rejected. Alex talks about the need for the DevEx subgovernance to complete the voting rules, adopt them, and place a link to this document in each of the contests.

Mikhail plans to launch the implementation contest in a new subgovernance, the announcement of which will take place a little later.

Gulzaman Khan: CreateWills proposal

Gulzaman Khan says they already have a ready-made solution in mind, asking the team to help plan a proposal. Pavel promises to help.

Syntax highlighting for Solidify source code files written for Free TON. Stage 1

Voting for the best syntax highlighting solution contest is underway. Once the results are available, further action will be considered as other platforms need to be covered as well. Everything is written in the proposal. The contest is ready to run.

Chuck drafted the first stage of the Solidity syntax highlight contest.

  • Are Anonymous Token Design contest results final?

No. The voting will take place, the situation with the results will be discussed again.

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