DevEx Governance Meetup #21 dated 18.03.2021

DevEx Governance Meetup #21 dated 18.03.2021

Vesting payments for work on the SDK for the reporting period, the voting status of the DeNS contest, and also how quickly DevEx will switch to SMV have been discussed.

Vesting payments for work on the SDK

Anazarov79 noted that the winners of the Bindings for TONOS Client Library need to pay the vesting monthly. So, the SDK contest was completed on December 9, 2020, and on January 10, the first tranche of the vesting payment should already be carried out. But by that time, the methodology for carrying out the work had not yet been worked out in detail, and the payment was delayed for a whole month — it took place only on February 9-10.

The main criteria for the vesting payment

  • synchronization of the developed program code with the current version of the SDK (in the master branch);
  • no negative comments;
  • no bugs.

On March 10, the payout on the two tranches at once was made. The criteria are the same, but there was disagreement or misunderstanding on the part of the contestants why some developers did not have vesting.

Ekaterina Pantaz provided a mini-report: in various cases, deadlines were not met, there were no commits, and bugs were found.

Payments nuances

Anazarov79 suggested discussing the question: should the winner be paid vesting if he did not make any commits during the reporting period? The result of the discussion — the answer is negative.

Missed the round, lost the money. Sergey Tyurin

However, only the period that was not supported by the developer is not maintained. If the contestant supported the binding in the next month, the payment for the corresponding period will be made.

Mitja explained the situation:

“There are conditions, and it doesn’t matter why the person didn’t fulfill them. But please: if you didn’t support your binding, you will support it later. However, you will also receive the vesting later. Damage was done. We provide binding, they use it, we guarantee something. The community pays tokens for this, and if it is not fulfilled, then the community does not pay. This is not a question of someone’s good opinion, this is a question in terms that are clearly spelled out.

The community issued tokens under such conditions, did not fulfill the conditions — who is to blame? An exception can be made if a person, for some technical reason, could not apply for the contest, and this did not depend on his effort. That is, you need to give the opportunity to apply, because, for example, the clock has stopped or the gas has ran out».

As a result of the discussion, it was decided if an incorrectly accrued vesting is revealed (even if the developer sincerely admits that, for example, for some reason he did not support binding for a month, but there was a payment for that period — and such a fact took place), then you need to contact the person and not pay this or that amount in the next month. Anazarov79 promised to do it.

DeNS Contest Voting Status

Voting for DeNS contest works is expected to be completed on March 22. As of March 18, there were no votes yet — either it was necessary to extend the deadline, or stay in the same status as it is.

It turned out that at the moment several members of the jury are busy with other work and cannot participate in the evaluation of the submitted works. It was decided to extend the voting period for this contest until March 29.

Sergei Tyurin clarified: “We also need to solve an ideological problem. What can prevent you from deploying multiple DNS systems?”.

Mitja replied that absolutely nothing, even if the domains are the same.

Mitja tried to clarify: “It works like this — you’re like a browser, if you want to resolve domains, you put certificates. Accordingly, if you have two certificates returned to different addresses, you will show the user which one he will choose. It is up to the browser.

One thing is the implementation of smart contracts, another thing is how we will upload these smart contracts to the network. No one bothers to deploy their parallel DeNS system on the Internet today, only browsers will not support it. This is not a question of implementing DeNS servers, they are open source, anyone can deploy them».

Will there be presentations of works?

Aleksandr Hramcov suggested that the contestants present their works.

Sergey Tyurin supported the idea: “It would be great. It would just be an ideal solution if, at the end of the submission of applications, all the contestants presented their work, for example, at a zoom session. This will greatly facilitate the work of the jury, as well as understanding and interaction between the participants. This point can be specified in the further terms of the contest».

SMV! We are waiting for SMV!

Pavel P specified when DevEx will start moving to SMV.

Mitja: «I have an idea that I will announce at the DGO on Monday (March 22), I will prepare a contest and we will probably make a shortcut as a DeBot».

Pavel P and Sergey Tyurin supported this idea: the main thing is that it should be fast and the system should be promoted. On what Mitja philosophically remarked:

Only mice are born quickly…

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