DeCourses contest: First stage results

DeCourses contest: First stage results

The winners of the first stage of Free TON’s English-language and non-English-language training courses contest have been announced. Let’s get acquainted with the proposals included in the top three of the Free TON Academy.

Work evaluation criteria

We have already told you about the terms and stages of the DeCourses contest.

The contest branched out into English-language tutorials and programs in other languages. The prize pool of the first group was 30,000 TON, the second — 24,000 TON.

The amount of each participant’s reward for posting a course on Free TON Academy is calculated using a complex formula, taking into account a number of variables:

  • course length;
  • the jury’s evaluation;
  • course format;
  • student support and the ability to test their knowledge after they have completed the course.

The fund amount could be increased in case the calculated prizes exceed.

First Place. English-language course

The winning course introduces students to the Free TON ecosystem.

The jury rated this work at 9.11 points and indicated in the comments that this course is perfect for beginners.

Although the educational program is now available on the site in the form of 25 lessons, 14 of them were posted during the first stage of the contest. The course creator guides students to classes lasting about an hour a day and a total of 40-50 days.

The information is provided as text, supplemented by tables and charts, diluted with video tutorials. Such topics as «Free TON Decentralization», «How Free TON Blockchain Works», «Smart Contracts» and others are covered. At the end of the course — tests.

First Place. Non-English course

A project from the Influencers SubGov team about the Free TON blockchain, «Introduction to Free TON,» is the winner of the non-English course.

The jury rated the course at 9.42, noting that the program will help newcomers learn about Free TON and motivate them to learn even more.

The course contains 29 short text blocks and is scheduled for 8 days of training. The blocks are grouped into 7 thematic areas: «Free TON Project. Introduction», «Forum and other information platforms», «Tokenomics and contests», «Governance and everything related to it», «Exchanges», «TON Surf», «Governance 2.0 and Staking». Each block has a content test.

The information is offered as briefly as possible, in simple language without technical details — a great format for those who want to get acquainted with Free TON from scratch.

Second Place. English-language course

Silver winner among the courses in English — «Forex Trading Course for Beginners. Professional Development«.

The average score of the jury members is 8.62 points. The content and structure of the course were highly rated. As a request, the judges suggested adding information about Free TON to the course.

In 14 days of classes, students will receive 7 video lessons about the Forex market. Each lesson lasts from 15 minutes to one hour. Students test their knowledge by answering questions.

Second Place. Non-English course

Another course in Russian — «KeePass — Secure Storage of Passwords and Seed Phrases«.

The jury gave the participant 9.16 points. Most of the jury members noted the relevance of the course to the blockchain industry and the accessible presentation of information.

The developer of the course offered a video-format guide to the KeePass app. The tutorial includes an explanation of the app’s value for secure cryptocurrency storage and step-by-step instruction in using the program.

The course is designed for 4 weeks, during this time students will learn 39 lessons and check their knowledge in the test form.

Third Place. English-language course

It was taken by a proposal that included 4 different courses: «Introductory Course«, «TONSwap: Farming Guide«, «Introduction to Free TON«, «TON Surf Guide”.

The jury rated the work at 7.9 points, noting the high quality of some materials, but lowering the mark for the triviality of some components.

The courses are designed for 5 weeks of training. The information is presented in plain text and contains all related links. Traditionally, there are tests at the end.

Third Place. Non-English course

The course in Indonesian, «About Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies for Beginners,» diluted the top three.

The jury gave 8.85 points, leaving positive feedback on the clear structure, but lowering the points for the lack of an opportunity to test knowledge.

The course developer explained that he created it for Indonesians who are interested in cryptocurrency, but have little understanding of it.

Students can watch nine video lessons in just an hour. In such a short time they are introduced to the concept of blockchain, Free TON as a bright representative of the industry, TON Crystal cryptocurrency, TON Surf wallet and a little with a genesis block.

Five English-language courses and two non-English-language courses, whose work was rated by the judges at 5 or more points, will be additionally rewarded.

The second stage of the contest started on August 5 and will run until September 5.

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