Crystal Fever — a decentralized lottery based on the blockchain

Crystal Fever —  a decentralized lottery based on the blockchain

Crystal Fever is a decentralized lottery created in the Free TON ecosystem. Lotteries can cause certain doubts are they transparent and honest enough? Crystal Fever shows complete transparency on all steps. 

What is the feature of the Crystal Fever Lottery?

To begin with, such a lottery is one of the powerful ways to inform members of the community and attract new users to Free TON. Crystal Fever Lottery is easy to use, has an intuitive interface packaged in a DeBot. New users who come to play the lottery first buy a ticket, and a day later they are already flowing into chats and begin to learn more about current and planned contests. This approach will ensure the prosperity of the community.

Crystal Fever is such a project that allows members of the community to get to know the DeBots more closely, to see them in action. You can talk about the charms of technology for a long time, but visual demonstration is the fastest way to success. According to the authors, the lottery is not a way to earn money, not pure commerce, but a tool for attracting new participants to the Free TON community, a convenient entry point for an ordinary user.

How does the Crystal Fever work?

The lottery runs directly in TON Surf, each cycle starts at 00:00 (UTC) and ends at 23:00 (UTC), the ticket price is only 10 TON. The ticket number is generated by a randomizer running on the Free TON SDK. The winning number is also generated randomly, but by another random digit set generator it is fully realized on-chain. Thus, the lottery cannot be deceived or twisted.

As for prizes, the jackpot is formed from user bets, and the winners receive a certain percentage depending on the number of digits that they collected on the ticket with winning combinations. An important point: the numbers should coincide from left to right, the more of them coincided the closer you are to the long-awaited jackpot. Detailed rules, as well as the history of previous rounds, can be found in the DeBot.

You can take part in the Crystal Fever lottery here. Good luck!

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