Crypterium will support Free TON

Crypterium will support Free TON
Crypterium Will Support Free TON Blockchain By Listing TON Crystal Tokens

Crypterium supports freedom in all its forms and when they heard that Telegram TON – one of the industry’s most promising projects – was canceled after grueling litigation with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, they were as upset as everyone else.

Back in May, a group of independent developers TON launched a new blockchain platform, using the efforts put into the original project – they called it Free TON. The idea is simple: This community-based project uses the open-source Telegram “TON OS” to run smart contracts and host a wide range of decentralized applications.

Since its official launch, Free TON has enlisted the support of nearly 10,000 companies and individuals from around the world. Among the main features that make the Free TON blockchain so unique are infinite dynamic sharding, instant routing, and self-healing 2D ledgers capable of handling millions of concurrent smart contract transactions.

Crypterium submitted a partnership offer to Free TON last month. The goal of which is to support the project by making a coin – TON Crystal – as easy to use as possible. The proposal was accepted by the community a day ago.

So what`s next?

The proposal consists of 6 phases aimed at providing the Free TON community with a reliable infrastructure regarding the storage, investment, and payment of TON Crystal tokens.

Proposed steps for strategic cooperation:

  • Integration of TON Crystal with Crypterium wallet
  • Implementation of TON Crystal staking
  • Permission for users to receive a free physical Crypterium card with TON Crystal holders
  • Implementation of TON Crystal referral bonuses
  • Inclusion of TON Crystal in crypto portfolios
  • Development of a co-branded payment card

You can read the full proposal here

As the first step in this tiered agreement, Crypterium added TON Crystal to the Crypterium.

Thanks to @Alex077 to this article.

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