Crypterium offers to become a Free TON partner

Crypterium offers to become a Free TON partner

Partnership proposals are frequently published on the Free TON forum, and some of them cause quite a lot of discussion for a number of reasons – for example, just recently there was an offer from Cointelegraph. On 29 October, there was a new high-profile offer, this time from Crypterium, one of the largest startups in the financial technologies field.

The first part of the partnership proposal posted here is devoted to the description of the potential partner: Crypterium is a crypto project with global presence, the mission of which is to make cryptocurrency as simple and convenient to use as fiat money. The wallet of the platform has over 750,000 users and it combines digital assets and traditional money. Its functionality includes storage, purchase, sale, exchange of funds, etc. Crypterium also offers users a crypto-fiat card that allows them to withdraw money from ATMs all around the world, as well as to pay with it in 42 million retailers.

The goal of the partnership is to integrate Free TON into Crypterium services and attract new users to the Free TON ecosystem. It implies several stages of implementation:

  1. Integration of TON Crystal token into the Crypterium wallet. This phase is meant to last for 2 months and requires 150,000 tokens for its implementation.
  2. Implementation of TON Crystal cashback mechanisms for crypto and crypto-fiat transactions in the Crypterium wallet. This will cost 30,000 tokens, and development will take about a month.
  3. Development of a custom program for obtaining a free physical Crypterium card for TON Crystal tokens. Under this program, users will be able to order a Crypterium Visa. This will take 1 month of work and 30,000 tokens.
  4. Implementation of TON Crystal referral bonuses – that means that users will receive tokens for inviting new users. It will take 10,000 tokens and 2 weeks.
  5. Development of a white label wallet for TON Crystal as an application that will be available for the App Store and Google Play. This stage requires 130,000 tokens and 2 months for implementation.
  6. Development of a branded payment card as an addition to the existing Crypterium Visa Card, both in virtual and physical form.

This concludes the main stages of the partnership, but 2 additional optional phases are envisaged, which will include the inclusion of TON Crystal in the crypto portfolios and the launch of a series of premium branded payment cards.

Thus, the total requested amount of TON Crystal is 500,000 tokens. For every 80,000 new users attracted, Crypterium wants 320,000 tokens, then for every 10,000 new users 160,000 tokens.

Overall, the proposal received a very positive response from the community. Budgeting seems to be quite reasonable, the stages of integration are well thought out and planned, and such a partnership can be a deal beneficial for both parties.

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