CreateWills partnership proposal

CreateWills partnership proposal

On June 30, 2021, a Free TON & CreateWills partnership proposal was made.

About the partnership

CreateWills is a digital platform providing insurance and will services. According to the company, Free TON can help bring a new and interesting product to the market, namely, the creation of digital wills that are stored on the network. Also, appointed third parties will be able to access wills through a smart contract.

The main advantage of the partnership for Free TON is attracting new users - CreateWills customers who will upload their wills to Free TON.

The implementation of partnership can go through a contest to develop a solution for integrating wills into Free TON.

What does the community think about it?

Most users say that such a partnership is an excellent option of using Free TON. Representatives of CreateWills also created a well-thought-out plan, which was definitely credible. However, the user Arti_MAK does not support the proposal, noting that it violates the fundamental principles of the blockchain. According to the user, the company CreateWills aimed not at cooperation, but at enrichment.

And what do you think?

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