Corona Subgovernance Proposal

Corona Subgovernance Proposal

On May 20, 2021, at the Free TON forum, the user India made a proposal to create Corona Subgovernance. A community member from India explains the relevance of the proposal by saying that the Free TON blockchain was created in the era of coronavirus infection. The spread of infection has led to consequences when people really need help, because humanity has not faced such a virus before, which means that so far people do not have an answer to the question of how exactly this problem can be solved.

What is the point of the proposal?

The purpose of founding Corona Subgovernance is to ensure the existence of an organization that can provide the necessary resources to those in need of assistance. Perhaps this approach will be useful for Free TON, at least in the field of promotion, but the user does not talk about how exactly Corona Subgovernance can help people.

Corona Subgovernance estimated initial budget: 752.020 TON Crystal

As the user who submitted the proposal for discussion notes, initially Corona Subgovernance can consist of eleven people who are sufficiently aware of the current situation of the spread of coronavirus infection in the world and want to help others.

What is the result?

At the moment, the proposal is reserved for future updates, but the discussion continues to this day. The opinion of other users regarding the proposal is very twofold: some write that they would like to join such Subgovernance, some people do not agree with the implementation of the proposal for various reasons: in addition to coronavirus, there are other infections which spread should be stopped; the proposal had no specifics; HumanVenture, a partner of Free TON, is already involved in such activities, etc. Some even said that coronavirus does not exist.

What do you think about that? Is it worth creating such an organization in Free TON? You can influence the decision by joining the discussion in the forum, as well as leave comments under this post on our channel.

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