Contest Result Interface Submissions

Contest Result Interface Submissions

In December 2020, a contest proposal appeared on the forum: the development of interfaces for the contest results.

The task of the contest is to develop a web interface that would display the results of the contests in the form of a final table so that anyone can check the transparency of payments. The forum contains a list of requirements. Naturally, there are a number of standard requirements, such as the usability of the interface and the visual component, but besides them there is a list of mandatory conditions that must be met. You can read more about the contest here.

The competition was proposed in December, passed a number of amendments and changes, and the size of the prize was also increased. 1st place - 30 000 TON, 2nd place - 25 000 TON, 3rd place - 20 000 place.

The results of the competition have not yet been determined, but you can familiarize yourself with the ready-made applications, the developed interfaces will allow you to keep abreast of the past contests.


TONPAY - In addition to the basic requirements, the interface includes automatic calculation of the jury's awards, manual entry of the contest, search by jury, and more. The details can be found both on the forum and on their website.

On the main page, you can add a contest yourself, either by uploading a CSV file, or by uploading the results from the blockchain.

Снимок Экрана (3)

The results of the contests are divided according to the subgovernance that you can choose.

Снимок Экрана (4)

The table of contests shows the amount of prize payments, the pool of the contest, the amount of points and the average score. Below are the contacts of the judges and the table of winners.

Снимок Экрана (5)

There is a guide to using the interface in the Features button on the main page.

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FreeTON Contest Results

On the Free TON Contests Results website, you can find the required contest by inserting it into the search engine, which is located on the main page in the most conspicuous place, or use the choice of the subgovernance within which the competition was held.

Снимок Экрана (7)

Снимок Экрана (8)

By clicking on the required contest, we see a table of applications, their grades and average grade, as well as a table of judges.

FreeTON Results

On the FreeTON Results website, a contest is listed by name in the search engine, and contests can also be selected from the category of the required sugovernance.

Снимок Экрана (9)

Applications in the selected contest are sorted by place, next to the address of the application, the average score, whether the application was rejected or approved.

Снимок Экрана (10)

The competition is really significant, the appearance of such applications makes life easier for any member of the community. it remains to wait for the results of the contests so that the interface developers can enter themselves into their own tables. Until then, you can use their designs.

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