Contest Proposal: Free TON Video Explanation

Contest Proposal: Free TON Video Explanation

The aim of the contest is to increase Free TON’s presence on YouTube and other video platforms. In order for the video to impress viewers, participants must use background music, voiceover and computer graphics (CGI).

What exactly should a 1-2 minute video be about? In the video, you need to tell the story of the project in understandable language, about the problems that the community is going to solve, about its key features, plans for the future, etc. Your work must be submitted to the jury by December 7 by 23:59 (UTC).

You can use hint docs:

Free TON Positioning document — all the community details you need.

Free TON Presentation — graphic story about Free TON.

Victory is yours if you have …

  • high quality video, clear sound and coherent text;
  • good visualization — high-quality animation and effects;
  • fresh ideas, including in technical aspects;
  • presentation of the brand, which is easy to remember, and the plot can be easily retellable;
  • viral effect — the video evokes emotions and you want to watch the video again and again, recommending it to your friends.
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