Contest proposal: DeSupport for websites / products

Contest proposal: DeSupport for websites / products

On August 6, 2021, a proposal to hold a DeSupport for websites/products contest was made on the forum.

Mission of the contest

The mission of the contest is to motivate developers to continue creating websites and products that affect the development of the Free TON blockchain. Products include bots and DeBots.

Description of the first stage

The first stage is the nomination of Free TON sites or products worthy of the award. Each participant can nominate works that he or she believes are the best. You can nominate your own site or product. The number of nominations from one participant is not limited. The proposal notes that the first launch of the contest is an experiment.

The prize pool of the contest is 40.000 TON Crystal.

Community reaction to the proposal

In general, community members support the proposal. There are users who say that it is best to nominate works that have not received the award before, but not all users support such an initiative.

Your opinion

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