Contest Proposal: DeSupport 2021 Part I

Contest Proposal: DeSupport 2021 Part I

The Free TON community employs a large number of people who work on a volunteer basis: moderators, developers, designers, active participants in the forum and in chats. To support them and motivate them to move on, the forum put forward a proposal for the DeSupport 2021 contest, the goal of which is to find the most active community members and reward them.


The first place prize is 25,000 TON.

Second place: 20,000 TON.

Third place: 18,000 TON.

In the contest, participants who took places from 4 to 10, from 10 to 20 and from 20 to 30 will also receive rewards, the amount will naturally decrease.

Contest stages

The contest consists of two stages. At the first stage, each member of the community can nominate from one to three candidates, explaining their choice. Stage 2 - Applicants nominated in Stage 1 must detail their contributions to the community and justify why they deserve rewards.

The forum already has a list of nominees, which is being replenished.

Community reaction

Citing the need for a meritocratic system, the community accepted the proposal positively. Among the nominations at the first stage were applications that included one participant, two or three.

You can take part in the discussion on the forum, nominate your candidates who are not yet on the list of the first stage, but who, in your opinion, deserve to be there.

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