Contest proposal: Contests Results interface

Contest proposal: Contests Results interface

An offer for the Free TON community, which consists of holding a developer contest. Participants are required to develop a web interface that will display the results of the contest in the form of a table so that users can be sure of the transparency of voting and payments. 

Requirements for work: 

  • The web interface must support two ranking logic – the standard contest logic and the yes / no logic. 
  • Open-source. 
  • The interface should have the following functions: displaying a list of the jury and participants and their awards, sorting by points/application numbers, as well as an interface for manually setting prizes, the ability to export to excel. 
  • The ability to export results in the form of a “wallet-rewards” table to facilitate the process of paying out prizes. 

The authors presented an example of the work performed, for clarity of the participants in the contest

There are four requirements for applying to bidders: 

The first requirement is availability. The work is open for viewing by the jury members to check the work for functioning and evaluation. If the materials submitted by the participant are not available or do not meet the criteria for the contest, the jury has the right to reject the application. 

The second criterion is compliance with the terms of the contest. If the participant does not meet the allotted time, the jury will reject the application. Application deadline: from January 7 to January 21. Be careful with deadlines. 

The third criterion is the content of the participant’s application. Applications must be submitted in PDF format, files that cannot be submitted in PDF format must be submitted with links to the original content. During the voting, such links should not be edited, otherwise, the jury will reject the participant’s application. This item will be checked separately. 

The fourth criterion is contact information. Each application must provide the contact information of the bidder, preferably the name in telegrams. In the absence of information, the application will be rejected. 

The criteria by which the work will be evaluated are clear: the interface should be simple and intuitive for users, all sources are open, the ability to integrate existing voting systems, and also visual and functional components. 

All participants can submit several works if each of them is original. 

The competitor can change his previously submitted application, but he needs to inform the jury about this so that they can consider the desired application. 

The contest will help to develop a simple and intuitive voting interface, for the clarity of the work performed by the jury members and the payments made. Thanks to the interface, any member of the Free TON community. will be able to get acquainted in detail with the activities of the jury. The awards offered for the development of the interface will attract many participants to the contest. Also, the lower threshold of five points encourages participants to provide quality work, those participants who receive an average score of less than 5 cannot qualify for awards. 

For the first place, the award will be 20,000 TONs, the second-place participant will receive 15,000 TONs, for the third-place 10,000 TONs, and the participant from the fourth to tenth place will be awarded, each of them will receive 3,000 TONs. 

For more details on the terms of the contest, as well as to take an active part in the discussion, follow the link

What do you think is a useful contest for the Free TON community? Share your opinion in the comments.

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