Contest: Free TON project news and educational websites

Contest: Free TON project news and educational websites

On April 27 2021, the Free TON project news and educational websites contest was launched. The purpose of the contest is to create an information environment with a pleasant interface and understandable and structured presentation of the Free TON project and relevant events related to it. Such an environment will make the blockchain ecosystem clear and easy not only for advanced users, but also for those who have encountered Free TON for the first time.


Participants Task 

Contestants must provide a link to a website that corresponds to the competition requirements stated above. The main language for publications that contain information and news is English, although translation into other languages ​ is possible. The minimum number of publications is fifty. There is an important rule: articles should be unique, as well as the design of the website. After submitting applications, the winners would have to provide a report on their activity and increase the number of publications (at least 30 additional articles).


Prize pool: 450.000 TON Crystal, ~ 175.500 dollars at the time of this article publication. 

The prize for 1st place is 150,000 TON Crystal, ~ 58.500 dollars. 


Terms of the competition 

Applications are accepted until June 15, 23:59 (UTC).

Applications need to be submitted here.


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