Contest: DeEducation №1

Contest: DeEducation №1

On July 13, a proposal to organize the DeEducation №1 contest appeared on the forum. The idea of the contest is to attract students to the environment of FreeTON developers.

The FreeTON community is growing with common efforts, the need for new talented developers grows with it. There is a need, but, unfortunately, the “old” community members have little or no time for their training.

The idea of the contest is to attract young people - developers of smart contracts and DeBots.

The contest is quite unusual. The developers are preparing an applicant who, if he wins, will be hired to work remotely.

The submittion must contain:

  • Surf address of the Educational team and team ID in Telegram
  • CV of the candidate
  • Surf address of the candidate and ID in Telegram
  • CV, soft-skills
  • Academic achievements
  • Link to coursework posted on GitHub


The judges will be selected from among the DevEx and DevOps members. Those judges who take part in the contest as team members are deprived of their voting rights.

Stages of the competition:

Stage 1: advertising the competition, contacting universities and finding students.

Stage 2: the process of teaching groups.

Stage 3: exam assignments, resume preparation, student presentation at the AMA session and voting.

The proposal is well received by the community, but the number of comments is still low. Be sure to take part in the discussion, or better - take part in the contest if you meet the conditions.

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