Contest: 5 startups per country for Free Ton

Contest: 5 startups per country for Free Ton

There is a proposal to announce a contest for the best startups that use Free TON in their projects. Also, startup authors should demonstrate the prospects for the further development of their projects.

It is suggested to choose 5 startups from each country of the Free TON community. It is planned to approve about 50 applications and distribute 1,000,000 TONs.

All members of the Free Ton community registered before the start date of the contest are eligible to vote for startups.

It is proposed to distribute up to 5% of the budget among all members of the community who voted, and leave a modest 1% (10,000 TONs) for the author to conduct the contest and monitor compliance with the requirements by startups. Among other requirements, for example, there is the implementation and use of a startup of at least 3,000 users.

Our opinion. So far, the community has accepted this idea rather coldly. The offer is in stasis, and several deadlines indicated by the author of the competition for the stages have already passed. Let’s see what the vote shows.

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