Competition review: Free TON nomination to the YPO Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards program

Competition review: Free TON nomination to the YPO Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards program

Good afternoon. I bring to your attention the active competition “Nomination for the YPO Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards

To understand the scale of the competition and what the participants will receive, we will answer the question “what is YPO?”

YPO (Young Entrepreneurs Organization) is the largest business club in the world, founded in 1950. The organization includes more than 29,000 entrepreneurs with a combined staff of over 22,000,000 employees. The goal of the community is: improving the leadership qualities of the participants, discovering new promising industries, finding partners, and new ideas for expanding the business.

The organization aims to attract new young and resourceful entrepreneurs to its ranks. They implement this program GSEA (Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards)

Free TON had a unique chance to enter its own nomination under this program, namely “Blockchain / Decentralized Systems and Applications”.

The organizers get the opportunity to see and support the best students or graduates under the age of 30. Who has blockchain projects with income, i.e. current projects that have gone beyond the MVP stage. This is an opportunity to declare yourself, as well as get support and globalization for your project. The winners will receive prizes, as well as the opportunity to receive additional support with TON tokens to migrate their projects to Free TON or integrate with Free TON. Additional rewards will be considered individually, it is also possible to receive a partnership offer within the framework of the processes established in the Free TON community.

General requirements for participants

Admission criteria:

Four criteria for admission, let’s take a look at each of them:

  1. Applicants must be citizens of Russia (based in any part of the world) under the age of 35, this condition is not set by the Free TON community, the organizers of the contests, all participants, regardless of age and gender, are important for our community.

Author’s note: I believe that this is the right conditions for getting a subframe since the competition itself is designed for people under 40, but I don’t understand why not allow people under 40 to participate in the competition, it was logical, but for some reason, in this, the nominations threshold was lowered to 35 years.

  1. Applicants must be confirmed by the founders or co-founders of the project with a position of share capital, this is one of the key conditions because the competition is held for project managers who have already formed their teams and possess not only develop skills, but also the skills of creating and managing their company.
  2. Projects must have a functional product and a positive return (of any size). This aspect is no less important since it is the project’s income that is the main indicator of its success, which is why this point, in my opinion, is necessary.
  3. Projects must have contacts with blockchain or decentralized systems and applications. Without such a criterion, this entire competition is not possible, since for our community the main goal of the competition is to attract new users who can positively influence the development of the project.

Author’s note: In my opinion, all the criteria are adequate and logical, the only thing that personally confuses me is the restriction under the age of 35, and not up to 40 years, since participants under 40 are allowed to other nominations.

Materials should include:

All participants must be provided with materials based on which our jury members will evaluate the work done.

  1. General presentation of the project in a classic format, describing the market, product, competitive prospects, business model, project status, team, etc. This, in my opinion, is the basis on which the assessment will take place, it is in the presentation that the participants need to show their work and convey its value to the jury.
  2. Description of the blockchain or decentralized system and its applications. The item is of value to our developers, in which members can bring new and progressive ideas to the community.
  3. Preliminary considerations of possible interaction with Free TON or its native TON Crystal token, or migration path to Free TON, and a description of the benefits for the Free TON network. I think there is nothing to say here, these materials are simply necessary for a more accurate understanding of the jury members, what you will bring to our project.
  4. Telegram ID and email of the participant.

Free TON Community Awards

The awards that the participants will receive are very valuable, in addition to the fact that they will develop their project, they will be able to receive prizes from the Free TON community prizes, as well as receive individual awards and partnership with the community, which is potentially a very cool bonus for each of the participants …

1st place – 15,000 TONs

2nd place – 10,000 TONs

3rd place – 5000 TONs

4th – 20th place – 1000 TONs

The community has also allocated quite a few prizes, and many of the participants will receive good bonuses for the work done, which, in my opinion, is a nice bonus.

The YPO competition is a great opportunity to attract new users with fresh ideas and a new look at the project, its development, and promotion. The competition is aimed at young and motivated people and the development of the Free TON project.

Application Dates: November 1 – November 15, 2020

P.s. Would you like to take part in this competition? If so, you will still have time to apply.

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