Community meetup #113 Review 🗞

Strategic committee's agenda — Drivechain development

Evercloud announcement — Authorized access only starting 09.09.22, visit

Updates from Broxus ✅

• CBDC — now at MVP stage: the team is running tests and making integration with DeFi
• Broxus team is scouting all Asian market for strategic partnerships

Evercraft updates

• Integration with the major property access plugin for Minecraft called WorldGuard
• Working on Evercraft website

Coming updates

• Tokenization of the land
• Upgrade for the industrial NFT standard that will support the metaverse objects
• Following upgrade of the standard including the tokenization of buildings, objects of any kind
• Possible renaming of the project

Broxie NFT collection 🌃

• Initiative from several employees in Broxus to make some fun
• You can identify who are several people who stay behind characters
• NFT owners privileges: the better offering and improving the customer experience
• Estimated start of sales: September or October 2022
• Some activities for users during the preparation stage

❓ Alex Filatov about Mitya’s role in Everscale

Mitya left the position of EverX CTO to focus on GOSH but he is stay in Everscale Strategic Commitee so he is continues to influence the architecture of the network.

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