Community SubGovernance Proposal

Community SubGovernance Proposal

There is a proposal to create an open SubGovernance that will involve qualified and experienced professionals in the management of Free TON community.

The applicant believes that at the moment the community needs not so much enthusiasts as professionals. In his opinion, the lack of people who are well versed in PR, SMM, Community Management does not allow solving a number of problems. Among these problems are named such as: lack of information about what is happening within the community, lack of synchronization between individual working groups and the risk of centralization of management within some groups (for example, groups of friends or language zones).

What is proposed to be done:

Create a new sub governance — Community SubGovernance. Its members must be selected by open vote from those community members who have professional qualifications. Therefore, each applicant must provide their professional biography to participate.

What the new SubGovernance will do:

  • Coordinate already existing non-technical projects in the community. Create competency maps for community members to strengthen the activities of specialized subgovernances such as PR, BizDev and others. Organize events aimed at introducing participants to each other.
  • Monitoring and identifying conflicts in the community, as well as helping to resolve such conflicts.
  • Groups and forum moderation; monitoring community members’ activity and reputation; compiling and updating stop and ban lists (if necessary), tracking virtuals and other people may be harmful to the community.
  • Assist and coordinate technical, informational and other project partners on issues related to PR SG in the search for speakers, participants with high prestige in the media.

Regarding the members of SubGovernance:

The initial SG consists of 10 members. This number will not change, but members have the right to form separate working groups and involve any interested community members in their activities.

Distribution of 10 positions:

  • 6 participants are selected by members of the Free TON community.
  • 2 participants are randomly distributed among all applicants.
  • 2 seats are reserved for inviting participants by elected members of SG. These 2 positions are elected by a vote of the SG itself.


The budget of all six election winners is added up.

40% is added to this budget as each of the four additional SG members receives 10% for their programs.

20% is added as a fund for contests and proposals from the community itself.

10% is added to the total budget for administrative expenses.

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