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Strategic committee updates
• Full message bounce capability was switched on
• Smart contract developers will be able not to hold the status of outgoing messages whether they will process the correctly or not
• Multisignature contract now will be able to deploy only by contract which has the same public key

GOSH updates
GOSH is build upon the principle kind of every repository is DAO and you can create rules for your token in the DAO to attach these rules to your repository commits, policies.

Current version
When you create repository in GOSH some tokens distributed to DAO members. Than you vote with these tokens for whatever repository decisions you’re making (merge, commits to the mind branch and so on)

Next version
• New upgraded version of SMV
• Token management
• You will be able to decide how much tokens will automatically transferred to the developer for the accepted pull request into your repository

GOSH is participating with Docker in Hacktober fest 2022 and welcomes for the contribution of developers and project managers, distributing additional rewards of up to 10,000 future GOSH tokens among them for accepted commits.

MOON NFT collection and Play-To-Earn game
• Discover, collect and sell pieces of the Moon (1728 pieces in total)
• Real pictures of the moon were made from space satellite and transferred to the NFT format using TIP 4 standard
• After you will buy your piece in some months you can play a game

Game mechanics
• You can mine mineral in your territory and build here a little army. And you can recruit the troops to some another piece and try to steal mineral in the battle
• Each account will be a TIP3 account
• All the battle logic will be in smart-contract
• The game will support EVER and ETH

EverDues — Web3 subscriptions platform
• You can now automate subscriptions and start recurrent payments
• 3 steps to start: 1๏ธโƒฃ Register on the platform 2๏ธโƒฃ Integrate widget to your website, App or Social group 3๏ธโƒฃ Verify subscription
• Customer can make a deposit using EVER Wallet, MetMask or bank card
• The platform doesn’t store any funds from customers. Funds stored in blockchain and corresponds to the user private key
• The only fee is blockchain fee

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