Community Meetup #114 Review ๐Ÿ—ž

Architecture committee

The roadmap was finalized. It will be discussed this week in the committee and then will be published.

GrandBazar feature

2 types of minting are already available: single and multiple item (will be released in next 2 weeks) to mint whole NFT-collection that can consist of up to 10k different items.

Gychain blockchain updates

Website is ready and released. The domain is Now you can see there Everscale ecosystem introduction in Chinese.

Pi Union team presentation

Pi Union is a fintech ecosystem which is official agent to electronic money institution PFS regulated and authorized by
Central bank of Ireland.

Evercash: a crypto exchange solution
iizipay: payment center with cards assurance

Main update: integration of iizipay into Evercash. Now you can order a classic MC card in the Evervash App with the link to a crypto wallet. KYC is required: you provide your proof of address and proof of ID.

You can order a card only if you are EU or UK resident

Evercash updates

• You can create wallets in EVER, BTC, ETH and EuPi.
• You can top up your wallets using any VISA or MC card
• A free instant internal crypto transfers (for free sending EVER)
• Exchange and withdraw to any crypto wallet
• The possibility to withdraw cash from crypto wallet via ATM direct

Important! If you downloaded Evercash more than 6 months ago you need to pass the KYC verification one more time.

Identix space updates

• A major site redesign
• Introduced new quests cards
• Mobile friendly quests are marked on the cards
• Some new kind of quests called quizzes
• 1st NFT collection called Identix NFT launched on the Open Sea

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