Co-founder of GramKit: Free TON - a chance not to be missed

Co-founder of GramKit: Free TON - a chance not to be missed

Hello! My name is Nikita and I am a co-founder of the information resource called GramKit. In this article I will tell you why I think Free TON is a chance that should never be missed.

Let's start with the background. I learned about the TON project in 2017, when information about the Telegram ICO appeared in the media. Soon after that, I decided that I would participate in the creation of infrastructure within TON, but one thing caused discomfort: TON would launch Telegram and of course offer infrastructure solutions. It was not clear how to compete with the messenger and how it would look, given the centralized nature of the launch of the network, and I decided to act upon the fact: the network will start - I will figure it out there.

I will not retell the story of the confrontation between Telegram and the SEC in this article, you can learn more about this in our other material. Telegram abandoned the TON project and the Free TON project was decentrally launched by an independent community of developers. This is the best startup scenario. And I believe that this is the only correct development option. Now everything fell into place.

I saw the information about the launch of Free TON in the news and, stopping along the middle of the street, did not move on until I had read all the details to the end. From day one I joined the community and soon made the decision to launch a Free TON channel to participate in the development of the network. At first, financial investments in the channel were minimal, but after the start of the competition to promote the blockchain, the first three thousand dollars were invested in promoting the project and an employee was hired to publish content daily.

Today, the GramKit team already employs 6 people and we continue to invest resources in development, advertising, giveaways and the creation of new useful resources that you can use in the near future. We have not sold any TON Crystal tokens that we received by participating in contests or in other ways. So why is my belief in Free TON so strong that I am willing to invest resources without making a profit today? There are five reasons for this:


Unlike the vast majority of blockchains, Free TON is about real decentralization. From the point of view of nodes, the network is already completely decentralized, there are 450 independent validators, whose servers are located in different parts of the world. The main developer of Free TON (TON Labs) has ~ 15 out of 450 nodes. From a governance point of view, there is still work to be done - Governance 2.0 is needed - a governance system in which token holders can vote. I have no doubt that the community in general and Initial members in particular will move to Governance 2.0. I recently watched a YouTube broadcast on ForkLog that featured Ton Weiss. During the conversation, we were talking about really decentralized blockchains, the host and his guest together counted only 4: Bitcoin, Monero, Dogecoin, Free TON. Think about it: only 4 blockchains out of several thousand.

Organic development

There was no token sale when Free TON was launched. The network is community owned and develops organically. No one can sell the tokens initially issued at the launch of the network. Free TON does not have a specific owner. Anyone can join the network the way they see fits. The organic development of decentralized systems is slower than the development of centralized systems with raising funds through the sale of tokens. But only with the help of decentralized organic development can a powerful foundation be built for the development of a network that centralized systems cannot compete with: centralized systems always have a limited amount of resources, and the limitation of decentralized systems is the whole world. Bitcoin is an example of the result of organic, decentralized development without fundraising.

Token distribution method

For Proof-of-Stake systems, one of which is Free TON, it is important to correctly distribute tokens. PoS networks are less secure than PoW networks. Unlike PoS, increasing the number of your coins in PoW networks does not increase your influence on the network. In this regard, in PoS networks, coins must be distributed among the maximum number of people most interested in the development of the network. Free TON has such a mechanism - contests and partnerships. It is not possible to buy coins in the primary market, they can only be obtained by contributing to the community. Taking a prize in a competition or proposing to implement blockchain in an already working project with an audience. Moreover, it is not enough to participate in the competition - you need to do a decent job and even this is not a guarantee that you will receive tokens. There may be many works stronger than yours. This approach, firstly, immediately gives value to tokens: in order to get them, you need to invest resources. Secondly, this approach does not make it possible to simply buy a huge amount of tokens at a low price at the start of the network. In the first year, Free TON distributed 500 million TON Crystals (~ 10% of the total supply). Of course, there were mistakes and shortcomings during the distribution, some of the tokens, at least 90,000, were simply stolen. However, looking at the big picture, the first 10% of tokens were distributed successfully.

Community spirit

The first validators of the network and most of the active community prioritize not money, but the creation of a free society of a new type, the architecture of which closes the weaknesses of the current world order. More and more people are realizing that centralized systems, combined with the human factor, do more harm than good. Free TON offers new, fair rules of the game.


Free TON is one of the fastest and most scalable blockchains in the world. It is possible to implement cases for tens and hundreds of millions of users in it. Today, such cases do not exist, but with the spread of blockchain technology, they will appear and we will be ready for this.

And if in addition to Free TON, other projects can boast of the fifth point, then they have problems with the first four, so they do not interest me.

Early bitcoin users saw the potential of the digital currency and made the right decision. They invested time, talent and money in a project that almost no one knew about. A project that has been repeatedly predicted to collapse, which has not been noticed. Twelve years later, we see that they were not wrong.

I see a huge potential in Free TON and I understand that it will be more difficult to enter later. You will need to spend more resources, there will be more competitors and, perhaps, it will not work to catch up with the projects that started at the beginning. I believe in this project and the fear of missing out on this opportunity is much more than the fear of losing the invested time, effort and money.

You can take part in the development of the network and join the community today. First, distribute this material to those people who are close to the values ​​that Free TON carries. Let them also learn about the project. Second, take part in contests. We announce some of them on the channel, all contests can be found at, upcoming contests can be tracked through the forum Our team is preparing a user-friendly interface for tracking contests, so stay tuned not to miss the announcement. Third, build your products and communities if you have the strength to do so. If you just want to buy tokens, then you can do it on these exchanges, but the first three points will benefit the community (and you, as part of it) much more than just buying TON Crystal.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Distribute this material and be sure to subscribe to our Telegram channel. See you later!

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