ChainWars: play and earn by defending the Earth!

ChainWars: play and earn by defending the Earth!

ChainWars is an ever-evolving story of galactic warfare.

Game Type: Digital Collectible Card Game (DCCG).

There are three teams in the game: 

  1. Origon, a mix of mythical high leaders and fierceful tribes. 
  2. Nimble, heroes with artificial intelligence out of control 
  3. Humans, people who must protect the Earth from uninvited guests

The main goal of the game is getting and selecting a strong, diverse deck of cards so you can compete with the best players.


How to play?

To start playing, install the game and register. Supported platforms: Android, Mac OS, Windows and Linux.

The difference between single player and multiplayer is as follows. In single one you play purely against bots. This is a great way to get to know the game and build up your card decks better and better. In multiplayer, you also play against real players and fight for rewards in CWE tokens.

To be able to play the game, one needs to have at least 31 original ChainWars game cards (which are NFTs). A minimum of 1 Hero card must be among these 31 cards.

Hero Card is your main card. It has 30 starting health and when it dies, it's game over. There is only 1 Hero card in each game per side. Heroes have abilities which can be used once per round for a fixed mana cost. This information is described on the card.

Minion Cards as well as Taunt Minion Cards can be used in the playfield. Each Minion has a health, attack and mana cost indicator and a description of their ability. A minion's ability takes place at certain times in the game. Indicators of when this is will be described below.

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Abilities of Heroes and Minions

All heroes and most minions have the abilities available each round for a fixed mana price. Descriptions of abilities can be found on game cards.


  • First Strike: This indicator means that the described ability will play immediately when a card is played. 
  • Counterplay: the described ability will play each time the minion receives damage and survives.
  • Last Wish: the described ability will play at the moment the minion dies.
  • Rage: the described ability will play at the end of each turn of the player playing the card in question.

Now you know at what time the effect plays. Below we reveal the effects available in the game.


ChainWars game effects

  • Damage: Damages the described group of characters. 
  • Attack: Triggers the basic attack of a character. 
  • Buff: Can boost attack and health, based on the description.
  • Heal: Can restore health of a character (including itself). 
  • Absorb: The health of an enemy minion can be absorbed. This could be an enemy minion by choice or at random, based on the ability description. 
  • Destroy: Instantly deletes an enemy minion. This could be an enemy minion by choice or at random, based on the ability description.
  • Self Destruct: Rare ability that destroys all minions on the side it is killed. 
  • Silence: Unables an enemy character to deal damage. 
  • Summon: Puts allied characters on the playfield. The amount and type of allies are defined in the description.
  • Draw: Results in drawing more cards. 
  • Cloak: Makes the targeted minion untargetable.

Keep your taunts alive so the enemy cannot get to your hero card. Or make strategic sacrifices to beat your opponent before he can get to you. The advantage of the one who knows how to play his combination due to careful selection of the deck in advance, and then using his quick thinking during the game.

Players can upgrade their deck, personalize their character and piece of land and socialize with other players.

All rewards have their own use cases. Most of them come down to updating your deck of cards, but you can also decide to trade some of them because your property will be tokenized!

Web3 launch

  • Game is now running as a BETA on Web 2.0 with the NFT collection on OpenSea
  • NFT sales start is expected on Q1 2023. After that the Web3 version will be launched
  • Once Web 3 version is launched everything you earn inside the game such a NFTs, skins, weapons, lands (in future) will be tokenized
  • The CWE token is used to pay rewards, you also increase your level by owning a CWE. The more CWE you have, the higher your rewards in the game will be
  • The CWE token can be swapped on the decentralized exchange FlatQube
  • We recommend you to read the guide carefully before playing
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