CEX Exchange: TON Crystal For Beginners And Crystal Staking With Bonus

CEX Exchange: TON Crystal For Beginners And Crystal Staking With Bonus

Cryptocurrency Exchange CEX.IO provides services since 2013, promises high reliability of the service and full security of deposits. Carries out various promotions and today attracts new users by drawing $ 10,000 in case of replenishment of the deposit for only $ 20. We will tell you what operations are still available on CEX.IO and how to get bonuses.

CEX Exchange: Registration And Identification

Register at CEX.IO by clicking Create Account. The exchange app can be installed for Android and iOS.

When registering, enter your email, select your country of residence, create a password, read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use of the platform. After receiving an email from the exchange, confirm the account registration.

Next, add information about ourselves: name and last name in Latin, date of birth. After these steps, a page opens with a proposal to increase the current account limit from $ 0 to $ 3000 in order to allow deposits and withdrawals, for which you need to go through the identification procedure. Choose Increase Limit or Skip. In the latter case, you can only get acquainted with the functionality of the exchange, but not use it.

  1. Identity identification

To increase the limit (deposit up to $ 3,000 and withdrawals per day up to $ 10,000), specify in a new window the full data of your residence address in Latin letters. Enter the phone number and the code from the SMS message.

Send two photos: an identity card and one of our own with an identity card.

Check and enter data from the document: last name, first name, patronymic, nationality, gender, date of birth, series and validity period of the document.

  1. Address Identification

Enter the address of residence and send a photo of the document, which can confirm this. For example, a passport on the registration page.

The security service may take time to analyze the accuracy of the information entered. The corresponding notification appears on the identification page. It also contains your numbers in the waiting list.After successful verification, a corresponding message is sent to the mail. In our case, the check took two days.

To start working fully with the CEX platform, it is enough to pass an identity check, so without waiting for confirmation of the successful confirmation of the address, click Exit in the upper right corner of the identification page and return to the main page of the exchange.

CEX.IO Exchange: Deposit

To add money to your account, select the green Deposit icon on the main page. Define fiat money or cryptocurrency of the deposit in the right field. On the left, depending on the specified currency, we see the ways to replenish the account. Pay attention to the minimum amount that can be sent for deposit. The amount will be displayed and will appear on the balance when the deposit amount is higher than the specified minimum.

The amount to replenish the deposit should be calculated taking into account the commission, which depends on the method of depositing funds. Since we are patriots of Free TON, we assign the appropriate replenishment currency. We find that the minimum amount of deposit replenishment in TON Crystals is 0.01 TON.

So, select TON from the list of cryptocurrencies on the right, and in the left half of the window we see the address to which we send TONs, using the Free TON wallet. Be sure to write a Memo in the comments when sending tokens, it can be found in the next line after the address. Wait for the receipt of funds to the account.

How To Link A Card And Replenish A Deposit With Fiat Currency

If you plan to replenish your deposit in fiat currency from time to time, then it is most convenient to do this using a bank card. You can only transfer funds from your bank card.

Before you link the card you need to:

After making sure that you are not an exception to the rule, link a bank card. In fact, you will only need to enter the card number and its expiration date. And it is not necessary to have the currency that you want to deposit on the card. In the process of depositing funds to the account balance using a card, a transfer is made from the local currency to the currency selected for replenishment at CEX.IO.

When the card is linked, we replenish the balance in three clicks:

  1. Select the currency and enter the payment amount that exceeds the minimum amount.
  2. To make a payment, click on the card icon and check the box next to the linked payment card.
  3. Specify the CCV code of the card and confirm the transfer by clicking Deposit.

Within a few seconds, the operation is approved or rejected. If everything is done correctly, a message appears about the successful deposit of funds.

Alternative Ways To Replenish The Deposit

CEX Exchange — Win $ 10,000 By Replenishing Your Balance

New users who register on the CEX.IO exchange inclusively until April 1, 2021 and during the same period make their first deposit an amount of $ 20 or more (equivalent to any fiat or cryptocurrency available on the website) will receive 50 TON Crystal as a gift. increased staking rate of 15.5% and will automatically participate in the $ 10,000 draw.

To participate in the promotion:

  1. Register on the exchange and go through identification.
  2. Go to the site through the promotion page, get acquainted with the conditions of the promotion and enter the email address for which the account is registered, last name and first name. Click Save.
  3. Replenish the account balance for at least $ 20: select the corresponding line in the window and go to the authorization page on the CEX.IO platform by clicking the Deposit now icon. Perform actions in the Deposit window.
  4. After a successful deposit to the account, we receive a message on mail with the transaction ID. Enter the number into the window of the promotional page and select Continue.

Within 7 working days wait for 50 TON gift on the deposit. The winners of the $ 10,000 draw will be announced on Twitter on April 2nd. Increase your chances of getting prizes by performing other actions indicated on the promotion page.

Buy TON Crystal On CEX

To buy crystals on the exchange (or other cryptocurrency) for USD:

  1. Select the Buy/Sell tab in the upper-left corner of the exchange’s home page and go to the exchange page.
  2. In the Buy section, select TON. The payment currency is specified automatically — USD. Popular transactions are listed in the boxes below. Proceed to buying TON by clicking BUY in the corresponding field. Alternatively, you can specify the desired amount in the Your Amount window. After making sure that there are enough funds on the balance, click BUY. 
  3. On the new page, we determine the payment method: from the account balance, from the balance of the deposited bank card or from the balance of another card. Approve the operation and click Buy Now. The message will inform you that the transaction was successful.

The second way to buy TON Crystal on CEX is to place an order to buy TON/fiat currency pair in the Trade section. Read more about working with orders and their types in the next section.

How To Sell TON

Sell TON Crystal through the Trade tab on the main page.

  1. Select the desired token/currency pair from the Market list. A graph of the change in the pair’s price for a certain period of time is displayed next to it.
  2. Get acquainted with the trading data: Last price — the last price for the pair, Daily change — the price change for the day, Today’s open — the price at which trading started on that day and 24h volume — the daily trading volume.
  3. Select the TON sale method under the chart.
Selling TON Crystal by forming a limit order

Select Limit/Sell TON and specify the amount of TON to sell and the price for which you are ready to part with the Free TON currency. Click Place order. A window opens with the generated order. Repeat Place order.

The transaction will take place when a counter order from another user appears. The order can be partially executed if another participant has indicated a smaller number of TONs, and it can also be withdrawn at any time. There is an option that the order will not be executed if a suitable option does not appear.

Selling TON Crystal By Forming A Market Order

Go to the Market tab and fill in the TON to Sell line, indicating the number of tokens to sell. The amount in currency is generated automatically based on the best available trading price at the moment. Typically, the order is executed automatically and cannot be canceled. To approve the order, select Sell now and repeat this action in a new window with the details of the operation.

Staking On CEX.IO

For staking on the CEX.IO exchange, you need to select the Staking tab, log in to it, or just follow the link to the desired page.

The table contains cryptocurrencies, which are automatically credited with income from the moment they appear on the wallet balance. The annual profitability of a particular cryptocurrency can be found in the EAY column, the reward is calculated hourly and transferred to the owner once a month.

Next to each cryptocurrency in the last column there are Add Funds and Buy buttons. When you click Add Funds, an address appears to which you can send tokens from any crypto wallet to your account balance in CEX.IO. After selecting Buy, go to the Buy/Sell exchange tab to buy the currency. The main thing is that you send tokens to your deposit and start earning money on staking; you do not need to block them on a separate account for this.

Until the end of March, there is a promotion — an increased percentage of profitability on TON Crystal in the amount of 15.5% per annum.


While working on the exchange, we had questions that we asked the support service. Despite the fact that CEX.IO promises round-the-clock assistance of the service, in our case there was no response.

We remind you that the Cex exchange is centralized. By transferring funds, users actually transfer their tokens under the control of third parties.

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