October 10
Flex AMA session review ✖️
Mark Feldman and Sergey Zaitsev told about the history of Flex development and the upcoming plans for a decentralized exchange with an order book based on Everscale. How Flex came about. The idea for
September 13
Review of the AMA session on the Everscale loan proposal 🚀
Sergey Shashev and Sergey Jurinsky answered the questions from the Everscale community regarding the proposal for the loan, put on EVER DAO. ⏺Loan amount — $8,000,000 ⏺Collateral amount — 312,121,362
August 06
Everscale events of July in one video 📹
On the Everscale YouTube channel, a video that collected the main July Everscale events was published: • EVER was added to BAPPEBTI whitelist • Implementation of NFT achievements program • Asterizm'
July 14
Interview with Narek Abovyan: talking about TON NFT standards and more 📹
🔵TON & Company released an interview with Narek Abovyan, the head of TonTech and an active member of the TON ecosystem. We have collected the key points for you: 🔵Narek has an impressive background: h
June 23
AMA session with Pi Union review 📝
A few days ago, Everscale partner Pi Union team held an AMA session, where they answered questions from the participants about the results of their work. Here are the main points: 🔵Pi Union is a lice
May 13
TIP-3 token standard & smart contract integration 💠
The tutorial sessions for Venom developers have just begun. In this video about how to use TIP-3 tokens, a fungible token standard for the Venom blockchain. The session starts with a recap of the ERC2
May 06
AMA session with DeFi Alliance & EverX Review 📁
Alexander Alekseev about the attack on the network A smart contract, which exploited the size of the internal message queue was deployed in the mainnet. Having reached the mark of ~160,000 transaction
April 11
Everscale Community MeetUp #123 Review 🚀
Flex updates 🛑A web version to launch before the end of April. Once web version is launched liquidity is going to be increased 🛑Flex is raising the investment round: tier-2 found is leading 🛑Integra
April 11
Everscale community MeetUp #123 will take place today 🎤
📝 Topics for discussion: technical updates, T-Sol plugin, Flex updates, EverPoint Conference 2023. ⌚️ Time: 13:00 (UTC) 🔗 Link: https://youtube.com/live/4-Hh-xcMTuA?feature=share Join us!
April 05
EverX AMA session Review 🗞
About the uniqueness of Everscale 🛑The Everscale concept is a decentralized scalable backend. USP: Solving the blockchain thrilleme with SMFT 🛑SMFT is a key innovation: processing without reducing th
March 16
Everscale Community MeetUp #122 Review 🗞
AIBC Summit in Dubai Key subjects: Metaverse, Web3 phenomenon in business, Blockchain Scalability, DAOs EVER listing on Bybit Prerequisites for the Everscale voting success: good preparation, strong
March 14
Today (14.03.23) the Everscale community MeetUp #122 will be held 🎤
📝 Topics for discussion: Everscale listing on Bybit, AIBC conference, launch of the NFT marketplace Tokstock, CREW³ contest results, launch of Everscale Explorer on Bitquery, Rust Cup payments. ⌚ Time
February 16
DeVote presentation at the Web3 Conference 🎥
DeVote is a decentralized anonymous voting service implemented on the Everscale blockchain. The service was presented at the Web3, Smart Cities, and Digital Assets for State & Local Governance confere
February 15
Everscale Community Meetup #121 Review 🗞
Flex update • Flex is now live • Web-based version will be ready soon Core development progress • Our nearest effort is publishing the source code for REMP • Currently we have a result about 500-600
February 14
Today (14.02.23) the Everscale community MeetUp #121 will be held 🎥
📄 Topics for discussion: Everscale roadmap 2023, Rust Cup contest payouts and updates, Everscale.guide presentation, Everscale Docs Re-Work Announcement, Web3 Coffeemaker. 🕑 Time: 13:00 (UTC) 🔗 Link:
February 11
EverX December and January Digest Review 🔰
Flex DEX • In December Flex launched trading activities with professional market making • Currently it has 5 pairs of major coins and stablecoins with EVER • There was an AMA session of the Flex in D
January 29
Art installation based on Qamon service 📨
Peti Triot will present the first art installation based on blockchain at the DESIEGO art gallery in Seoul. When creating an art installation, the author uses Qamon technology, a messaging platform op
January 25
Alex Filatov's speech on Kitco NEWS Review 🗞
David Lin from Kitco NEWS and a guest, Alex Filatov, discussed the Web3 phenomenon, the key components of the crypto industry and looked a little into the future. 3 current trends: 1 — to more regula
January 24
An interview with Alexander Filatov on Kitco NEWS 🔥
Kitco NEWS is a news show based in Canada. The show presents major global market, business and regulatory news affecting digital and crypto assets. Kitco NEWS published an interview with EverX co-foun
December 29, 2022
Today (29.12.22) the FLEX AMA session will be held 🎥
📄 Topics for discussion: FLEX presentation, roadmap for 2023, answers to community questions. 🕑 Time: 14:00 (UTC) 🔗 Link: youtu.be/LBbkTq4_dzA Don't miss it!
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