November 23
Everscale community Meetup #119 Recap 📃
2 conferences where Everscale were presented Token2049 in London • Key discussion point was whether basically you have to be to be EVM compatible. Consensus was that now it is a chance for Layer1s ne
November 22
Today (22.12.22) the community MeetUp #119 will be held 🎥
📃 Topics for discussion: strategic committee update, AIBC Malta, Ever Name, Mad Backpacks. ⌚ Time: 13:00 (UTC) 🔗 Link: Join us!
November 11
Everscale Elysium Hackathon AMA session 🎥
📄 Topic for discussion: answers to community questions regarding the hackathon. 🕑 Time: 12:00 (UTC) 🔗 Link: 🔗 Airmeet Join and participate in the hackathon!
November 09
Community Meetup #118 review 🗞
Strategic committee updates • Main focus is on REMP and SMFT developing • REMP protocol is mostly ready for the deployment into the mainnet: there will be high low test • SMFT was released for the pu
November 08
Today (08.11.22) the community MeetUp #118 will be held 🎥
📃 Topics for discussion: Strategic Committee update, Everscale Elysium Hackathon, Q&A. ⌚️ Time: 13:00 (UTC) 🔗 Link: Join us 🔥
November 06
Workshop "Wallet-to-wallet communication" has started ⚡️
The workshop is held as part of the Everscale Elysium Hackathon on the task from Ylide Protocol: to create any product based on the Ylide SDK. 🔗 YouTube 🔗 Airmeet Join us!
November 06
AMA session with Sergey Shashev review 🗞
Main news • A large strategic investor has appeared, which means further participation of funds and the appearance of liquidity in the network • Launching DeNS: the project has been launched by a comm
November 04
АМА-сессия с Сергеем Шашевым 🎥
Через полчаса начинается АМА-сессия с сооснователем Broxus Сергеем Шашевым на русском языке. ⏱ Начало: 17.00 (МСК) 🔗 Ссылка: Вопрос можно задать в чате комьюнити с хештегом #ama
November 03
Everscale Elysium Hackathon. Day 3 🔥
Right now, within the framework of the hackathon, a workshop is being held on the task from Broxus — "Use of composable smart contracts". 🔗 YouTube broadcast link 🔗 AirMeet broadcast link 🔗 Take part
November 02
Everscale Elysium Hackathon. Day 2 🔥
Everscale developer Ivan Kotelnikov will speak about one of the bounty/tasks "Games track & Setting up your dev environment" today at 12:00 (CET). For this challenge, it's proposed to implement GameF
November 01
What are DEX and FlatQube 🎥 is an exchange from Broxus built on the Everscale blockchain. We published a new video guide on using the FlatQube exchange. 🔗 Link: Enjoy it 👀
November 01
Everscale Elysium Hackathon has started 🔥
And right now, as part of the hackathon, the first workshop is being held. 📄 Topics: Introduction to Everscale, Everscale developer tools, setting up your development environment. 🔗 Link Join!
October 22
Review of AMA session with Vladislav Ponomarev 🗞
stEVER • Staked EVER is a collection of DePools combined by balancer smart contract that serves as a proxy for staking your EVER into the pool of DePools • stEVER is a kind of obligation of the DePoo
October 20
Community Meetup #117 review 📑
Strategic committee updates • Full message bounce capability was switched on • Smart contract developers will be able not to hold the status of outgoing messages whether they will process the correctl
October 20
Today (20.10.22) the AMA session with Vladislav Ponomarev will be held 🎥
📄 Topics for discussion: stEVER in the EVER Wallet beta, FlatQube DAO, ChainWars partnership, the Broxie NFT release, Elysium Hackathon. 🕑 Time: 2 PM (UTC) 🔗 Link: Join us 👍
October 18
AMA session with ChainWars review 📜
The game • ChainWars is an NFT based collectible card game (it’s a real time player vs player game) • The main goal of the game is getting and selecting a strong, diverse deck of cards so you can comp
October 18
Today (18.10.22) the community MeetUp #117 will be held 🎥
📃 Topics for discussion: Strategic Committee update, GOSH Accouncement, Gitex + Future Summit, Broxie NFT, Moon Game Update, EverDues release, etc. ⌚️ Time: 13:00 (UTC) 🔗 Link: Jo
October 17
The ChainWars AMA session will be held today 🎥
ChainWars is a blockchain-developed collectible card game where you can collect cards, fight opponents, earn and trade. 📄 Topics for discussion: ChainWars and Broxus partnership, marketing plans, PR,
October 16
Flex AMA session review 📋
Agenda • Flex now is about to announce when it will go live • Flex is going to launch with 6 pairs initially: WEVER/EVER, WBTC/EVER, EVER/USDT, EVER/USDC, USDC/USDT, EVER/DAI • BRIDGE and QUBE tokens
October 13
Today (13.10.22) the FLEX AMA session will be held 🎥
📄 Topics for discussion: FLEX roadmap, future plans, etc. 🕑 Time: 16:00 (UTC) 🔗 Link:
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