Yesterday, 04:44 pm
EVER Wallet extension for FireFox 🔥
The EVER Wallet extension is now available for FireFox browser users! 🔗 Link
Yesterday, 03:00 am
The EVA farming program was launched on the ⚡️
You can take part in mining of the EVA token within two farming of pools on the DEXADA exchange: WEVER/EVA and ADA/WEVER.
May 16
GOSH – the first git blockchain ever
GOSH (Git Open Source Holder) was launched at the DockerCon conference on May 10 as the first ever git blockchain. GOSH is a separate blockchain based on the Everscale technology to offer a comprehensive solution to securing the global software supply chain of open source software.
May 16
New EVA token was launched on DEXADA ⚡️
Today, the decentralized exchange DEXADA, built on the basis of Everscale with an emphasis on Cardano liquidity, announced the launch of the native utility EVA token. The role of the token for its hol
May 15
Everscale as a green blockchain 🍃
Firstly, Everscale works on the Proof-of-Stake consensus protocol. Using PoS instead of resource-intensive mining significantly reduces energy costs ⚡️ Secondly, because of its unique architecture, Ev
May 14
REMP is included in the Everscale SDK 🔥
REMP is a reliable external message protocol. The purpose of REMP is to guarantee the delivery of external messages to a smart contract in one workchain from any member of the network in a certain ord
May 14
A new cycle of votes on EVER DAO 🗳
On May 16, votes on partnerships and initials will begin on the EVER DAO platform. The majority of votes "for" will mean continuing work with one or another partner or initial, but if the majority of
May 14
The tokensale of the PURR token on the was finished 🥳
Recall that PURR is the token of the SpartaCats project, launched on the EverStart platform on May 6. In total, the EVER 555.36K were collected when the Hard Cap was 500K EVER. Congratulations!
May 13
The secret draw from EverKit 🥳
Yesterday, during the Random Numbers draw, we announced a secret draw to be held on September 1. Our current subscribers, who have already registered via the bot and fulfilled all the conditions, will
May 13
FlatQube is the most popular Everscale DEX 💸
TVL (Total Value Locked) has already exceeded $70 mln. FlatQube advantages: • Complete anonymity • An automatic pricing mechanism • No possibility of exchange rate manipulation FlatQube key features:
May 13
Find out if your quizzes answers are correct ⚡️
Dear participants of the quizzes, on our website when you click on the button on the quizzes cards, you can see which of your answers were correct and where you made a mistake.
May 12
The "Random Numbers" draw from EverKit 🎲
Dear friends, the 1000 EVER draw will take place on our Telegram channel today at 18:40 (UTC). 20 random participants will receive 50 EVER, and we will also tell you the conditions of the next draw. D
May 11
The Octus Bridge is running normally 🌉
❗️ The high network load on Octus Bridge has caused long wait times for transaction processing on may 9-10, but this problem has already been solved. As a token of gratitude for the patience, the Bro
May 10
The "random numbers" draw will take place on May 12 ⚡
Dear subscribers, for technical reasons, we are postponing the draw live, in which 20 random winners will receive 50 EVER on their wallets, on May 12. Moreover, on May 12, we will tell more about the
May 10
List of grants from DeFi Alliance for 4 months 🔥
As you know, Everscale has moved away from the contest token distribution model, switching to the grants' model. Since the beginning of 2022, the DeFi Alliance has already approved 8 grant application
May 09
The proposal to transfer root rights to manage DAO contracts failed 🗳
According to the comments of the voters, users generally support the proposal, but believe that the EVER DAO platform is not sufficiently tested, so the proposal should be discussed later.
May 09
Article about Octus Bridge on HUB ForkLog 📃
An article about Octus Bridge, that was included in the TOP-10 of crosschain bridges in terms of the number of supported networks according to DeBridges, was published on HUB ForKlog in Russian. You c
May 09
Creative Contest from the Broxus team!
Share your impressions of the Broxus team and products: FlatQube, Octus Bridge, EVER Wallet and get the prize! You need to post a tweet or tweet tweet-thread about what you like most about Broxus prod
May 09
The last quiz will take place today 🔥
⏱ Time: 16:00 (UTC) 🥳 Prize pool: 1200 EVER If you haven't participated in quizzes yes, don't miss this opportunity! The draw's conditions 🏆
May 09
Android version of Scale Wallet ⚡️
The team has released a version of Scale Wallet for Android users. The version has a browser for working with DeFi apps. 🔗 Link
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