7 hours ago
Addresses in blockchain networks 🔤
An Address is a string of text that defines the source or destination for each transaction in the blockchain network. Each blockchain has its own wallet addresses, which are created cryptographically
Yesterday, 11:01 AM
EVER Wallet extension update 🔥
Bugs have been fixed in the new version of the EVER Wallet Chrome extension. Also, users can now delete seed phrases (except the current one) on the seed phrase management page, and the account displa
Yesterday, 8:01 AM
Everscale ranked second in the developer activity on GitHub ⚡️
A publication has been released on the Coin Edition platform, that tells about blockchains with the highest daily development activity according to GitHub. Everscale finished second to Cardano. Eversc
December 06
Series of GamerHub quizzes has been completed 🏁
Dear friends, thank you for your activity in solving the quizzes of the GamerHub project. We hope you enjoyed it. 💰Total prize pool: $3000 🥇Number of prizes: 50+50+50 The results will be announced s
December 05
GHT token sale continues on EverStart 🔥
GHT is the main gaming and trading currency of the multichain crypto gaming aggregator GamerHub. GHT owners will have access to exclusive games, be able to participate in managing the GamerHub ecosyst
December 05
The third GamerHub quiz starts today 🎓
To successfully take part in the second quiz, you need to study GamerHub Medium. 💰 The third quiz prize pool: $1500 ~ 70000 GHT, 50 prizes ⏱ Start: 11:00 (UTC) 📄 To participate, you need to subscribe
December 05
Everscale community weekly digest 📆
• The Everscale profile in Gravity has reached 100k subscribers • Everscale Elysium Hackathon has finished • Article about Everscale potential in DeFi was published • The last part of the airdrop B
December 04
Get up-to-date information on Everscale tokens with EverBoard 🔥
EverKit has the EverBoard service that allows users to receive and filter up-to-date information about Everscale tokens in a convenient way. The current functionality of EverBoard: • Everscale token s
December 04
The second quiz on GamerHub finishes in two hours ⚡️
Study GamerHub WhitePaper and participate in the quiz! The third quiz will be available soon, stay tuned.
December 03
Boosted staking program continues 🧮
Staking is the process of storing funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to provide support for all operations in the blockchain. It is needed to ensure network security. It is performed by sending your tok
December 03
Everscale yields 📊
Farming • WEVER/BRIDGE 7.44% — 22.32% APR • USDT/USDC 7.32% — 21.98% APR • WEVER/USDT 19.8% — 59.4% APR • QUBE/WEVER 42.86% — 128.58% APR • WBTC/WEVER 12.93% — 38.79% APR • WEVER/DAI 14.33% — 42.99% A
December 03
The second GamerHub quiz has started ⚡️
The quiz will be available until 4.12.22, 11 am (UTC). Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and join the chat. We wish you good luck!
December 02
Review of the AMA session with EverX 📑
Alexander Filatov and Pavel Prigolovko have answered the questions of the Everscale community. Achievements of EverX in 2022 • Transition to the open development format • Creation of an Architectural
December 02
GamerHub AMA session will be held today 🎥
📄 Topic for discussion: multichain crypto gaming aggregator GamerHub. 🕑 Time: 17:00 (UTC) 🔗 Link: youtu.be/CNj6gewb6SE We remind you that at the moment on EverKit there is a series of quizzes on Gamer
December 02
QUBE unlock on EverStart 🔥
Today (02.12.22) the QUBE unlock (8.33%) will be held on EverStart.
December 02
The first GamerHub quiz finishes in two hours ⚡️
Have time to study the GamerHub special section and take part in the quiz! We remind you that to participate you need to subscribe to our channel and join the chat. A series of quizzes continues, foll
December 02
Launch of the alpha version of the NFT marketplace tokstock.io 🔥
Tokstock is an NFT marketplace from Blockchain Family running on the Everscale blockchain. The marketplace is distinguished by the ability to make offers for any NFT and use various TIP-3 tokens in tr
December 01
EverX November Digest review 🔰
Flex DEX • The Flex team recently listed three additional trading pairs, now there are six pairs in total: WBTC/EVER, WETH/EVER, EVER/USDT, EVER/USDC, EVER/DAI, USDC/USDT • In the Flex GUI the team ad
December 01
The first GamerHub quiz has started 🔥
Quiz will be available until 2.12.22, 11 am (UTC). Do not pass by and forward to friends so that they also take part! To take part, subscribe to our channel and join the chat 💬
December 01
The first quiz on GamerHub starts today 🧑‍🎓
GamerHub is an aggregator of metaverses, games and NFT, which allows gamers to play games on different blockchains in one place. The first quiz is based on information from our special section about t
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