2 hours ago
New quests on Crew3 🔦
There are several quests sponsored by Everscale on the Crew3 platform, which can be completed separately. • EverGaming • Qamon • Broxie • Snipa 💰 The prize fund of each quest is $2,500 in EVER coins
Yesterday, 10:16 AM
Contest with a prize pool of $20 000 in EVER from Everscale 🚀
The Everscale page has appeared on the Crew3 platform, where at the moment you can complete quests and thus take part in the contest. The winners will be the users with the most XP! Don't pass by!
February 02
Everscale’s core development strategy 🛣
The current state of development as of Feb 2023 and the near future plans are presented in the article. SMFT is an original Everscale innovation that raises the bar to 50% fault tolerance (compared to
February 02
Smart contract deployment 📃
Deployment of a smart contract as an application running on the blockchain means creation (initialization) a new object in the blockchain with the data type of this smart contract. In fact, a smart co
February 02
QUBE unlock on EverStart 🔥
Today (02.02.23) the QUBE unlock (8.34%) will be held on EverStart. QUBE is an utility token designed to power the FlatQube protocol.
February 01
Vote on the distribution of prizes between the winners of Rust Cup has begun 🗳
We remind you that the proposal to distribute stakes locked for 4 years between the winners of Rust Cup was made on EVER DAO. We wrote more about the proposal here 🔗 The vote will last until February
February 01
Any questions on Venom? 🐍
Dear Community, if you have questions about the Venom and Everscale collaboration or simply about the development of Everscale, write them in the comments — we will convey the most interesting to Brox
February 01
We are improving the section for users from EverKit ⚡️
Dear subscribers, the EverKit website has a section for users, which contains instructions on using the bridge, downloading wallets, as well as information on how to buy EVER, stake, farm, etc. We wou
January 31
Voting results in Epoch #8 on FlatQube DAO 🔖
Epoch 8 and voting on the distribution of awards between new farming pools for the next farming period (14 days), has ended on FlatQube DAO. veQUBE voted in total: 61 054. Distribution of votes betwee
January 31
Venom Ventures Fund invested $5 million in Everscale 🔥
Venom Ventures Fund (VVF) is a fund investing in innovative protocols and Web3 applications. The foundation was launched by the Arab blockchain project Venom Foundation. “For us, this is a strategic i
January 31
EverStart on the Crew3 platform 🟣
On the Crew3 platform, you can create community pages, give tasks, and distribute rewards between users. Now EverStart has such a page. Support the project and join the community 🔗
January 31
Participate in the Broxus quiz 🏆
Today (31.01.23) in Broxus will hold the quiz, based on Broxus January content, in Discord. 💰 Prize pool: 60 BRIDGE 🕑 Time: 14:00 (UTC) Don't miss it!
January 30
EVER among the gainers on CoinMarketCap 📈
EVER today was on the first place in the list of gainers on CoinMarketCap. • The native Everscale coin has risen several dozen positions in the CoinMarketCap ranking and now is already in the TOP-150
January 30
EVER Wallet Chrome extension update 🔥
Now users of the EVER Wallet Chrome extension can configure and add TVM networks! Also, the wallet version has become more convenient for new users. You can find link to install the extension on our w
January 30
Everscale Community Weekly Digest 📆
• EVER hit $0,1 • Dune Merge returned unused EVER to the Treasury • Everspace wallet update was published • Bonuses for Broxie NFT holders in the Sparta Cats game were announced • NFT marketplace Gr
January 30
New proposal on EVER DAO 🗳
A proposal on the distribution of prizes between the winners of the Rust Cup validator contest was made on EVER DAO. Problem: The Rust Cup contest ended in 2021, but the winners never received their p
January 29
Art installation based on Qamon service 📨
Peti Triot will present the first art installation based on blockchain at the DESIEGO art gallery in Seoul. When creating an art installation, the author uses Qamon technology, a messaging platform op
January 29
Who is EverGaming partnering with? 🎮
EverGaming team shared a list of its partners: Everscale, Broxus, cryptocurrency exchange BITMELECH, WarpCapital, GrandBazar, LIFEPAY, Svoi.Dev, Blockchain.com, Click2Money. If you too want to partner
January 28
Features of the Octus Bridge 🌉
Blockchain bridges (cross-chain bridges) are the apps that allow you to move crypto assets from one blockchain network to another. Octus Bridge is a multi-network, second-layer solution that connects
January 28
Everscale yields 📊
Farming • WEVER/BRIDGE 3.84% — 11.54% APR • QUBE/WEVER 35.04% — 105.13% APR • WEVER/USDT 8.07% — 24.23% APR • USDT/USDC 9.36% — 28.08% APR • QUBE/BRIDGE 61.78% — 185.36% APR • WBTC/WEVER 15.21% — 45.6
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