Yesterday, 7:19 PM
Broxus plans to release its own NFT collection 🔥
From the twitter of the Broxus team, we learned that the release of the BROXIE NFT collection is planned soon. Details are unknown, but we are waiting for something interesting!
Yesterday, 11:05 AM
Launch of the important events for Everscale page 🚀
The EverKit team has developed a section of the important Everscale events that took place after the launch of the blockchain in 2020. On the page, you can see the dates and descriptions of events. Yo
Yesterday, 6:59 AM
Today (08.08.22) the NFT lottery will take place 💰
The lottery will be held among holders of special NFTs dedicated to the anniversary of Everscale. Instructions on participating with images are here 🔗 ⏱ Time: 15:00 (UTC) Don't miss it!
August 07
Everscale holds NFT lottery 🚀
On August 8, a lottery will be held among the holders of the NFT, where the lucky ones will be able to get EVER. The instructions for participating in the lottery will be published later, but now you
August 06
INDOCOIN and PHX in EVER Wallet 💰
INDOCOIN and PHX test stablecoins, based on Indonesian rupiah and Philippine peso, were added to EVER Wallet.
August 06
A new grant from Broxus 💸
You can integrate FlatQube with hummingbot (open source software that helps build market making and arbitrage bots that can run on any crypto exchange) and get 1000 QUBE! The Broxus team will also awa
August 05
QUBE tokens burning 🔥
Another batch of QUBEs redeemed and burned! This time 7807 tokens were burned. 🔗 Transaction link The burning mechanics Fees from swaps (for all pools with pairs that are rewarded in QUBE tokens) are
August 05
EverKit — all about Everscale ✅
EverKit usually updates its media resource to keep you up to date with all the information about Everscale. We strive to cover absolutely all aspects of the project. List of sections on our website: •
August 05
Current farming yield 📊
We publish the current farming yield (APR) on the FlatQube exchange for pairs with TVL (total value of blocked assets) from $300 000. • USDT/USDC — 10.74% — $10 718 858 • WEVER/BRIDGE — 40.49% — $8 45
August 04
EverBoard updates ⚡️
EverBoard is the service allowing to receive and filter relevant information on tokens of Everscale network. The EverKit team periodically updates service, among the last updates we can note the follo
August 04
Broxus Elysium Hackathon highlights 🎥
Broxus Elysium Hackathon ended on July 17, and now you can watch photos and videos from the hackathon to experience the atmosphere of the event.
August 04
Coin distribution statistics update 📊
Information on the coin distribution statistics on the EverKit website has been actualized. • Now the data is always relevant because it is connected with the blockchain • The situation with vesting
August 03
Video about Evercraft 🎥
Evercraft is a plugin that represents the economy in the Minecraft world. This is the first showcase for the future GameFi and Metaverse SDK. 🔗 You can watch a video about the plugin here:
August 02
Launch of the Everscale project support section
Great news! EverKit is launching a new Everscale project support section, where a list of teams that can help has already been published. Now projects can conveniently apply for support, and teams can find tasks and perform them for a reward!
August 01
Everscale on Philippine Blockchain Week 💬
From November 28 to December 4, a blockchain week will be held in the Philippines, where various speakers will perform, including CEO EverX Alexander Filatov, who will present Everscale at the confere
August 01
The idea to reform the Everscale economy was accepted 🗳
The vote on the proposal to reform the Everscale economy has finished. Further concrete and detailed stages of reform will be put to a vote. 6,537,373 coins voted for, 1,097 — against.
July 31
SPUME token sale on 💸
SPUME is a NFT marketplace protocol that provides brands, businesses, and other technologies with the necessary infrastructure for affordable, fast, and efficient tokenization and ultimately monetizat
July 30
DRIVEZ launchpad on ⚡
DRIVEZ is a WEB-3 lifestyle app and the first NFT DAO mixed with GameFi and CommunityFi. The is hosting a DRIV token sale at a price of $0.028. Token sale will last until 31.07, 12:00 (UT
July 30
Preliminary results of vote on EVER DAO 🗳
We remind that the vote on the proposal to reform the Everscale economy is being held on EVER DAO. At the moment results of vote following: 4 846 046 coins voted for, 0 — against. Vote will last till
July 29
The eighth part of the airdrop from Broxus is available 🔥
We remind you that early users of the bridge take part in the airdrop. A good option would be to go into the farming from two feet with the tokens received. Participants have a month to go to the site
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