August 06
INDOCOIN and PHX in EVER Wallet 💰
INDOCOIN and PHX test stablecoins, based on Indonesian rupiah and Philippine peso, were added to EVER Wallet.
August 05
QUBE tokens burning 🔥
Another batch of QUBEs redeemed and burned! This time 7807 tokens were burned. 🔗 Transaction link The burning mechanics Fees from swaps (for all pools with pairs that are rewarded in QUBE tokens) are
August 04
Coin distribution statistics update 📊
Information on the coin distribution statistics on the EverKit website has been actualized. • Now the data is always relevant because it is connected with the blockchain • The situation with vesting
August 02
Farming speed increase
Today (02.08.2022) on the farming speed in the QUBE/WEVER pool will be increased from 0:01 QUBE/sec to 0.0135 QUBE/sec.
July 31
SPUME token sale on 💸
SPUME is a NFT marketplace protocol that provides brands, businesses, and other technologies with the necessary infrastructure for affordable, fast, and efficient tokenization and ultimately monetizat
July 30
DRIVEZ launchpad on ⚡
DRIVEZ is a WEB-3 lifestyle app and the first NFT DAO mixed with GameFi and CommunityFi. The is hosting a DRIV token sale at a price of $0.028. Token sale will last until 31.07, 12:00 (UT
July 29
The eighth part of the airdrop from Broxus is available 🔥
We remind you that early users of the bridge take part in the airdrop. A good option would be to go into the farming from two feet with the tokens received. Participants have a month to go to the site
July 25
EVER support on KuCoin ⚡️
EVER support has been added to the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange. EVER deposit has been opened. Trading pair: EVER/USDT
July 22
Black INK reinvestment fee reduction reinvestment ⚡️
Now the reinvestment fee consists of 2 EVER (keeper fee); 1% (previously 8%) of the user reinvested reward (charged in LP tokens), as well as 1% (previously 16%) of the user reinvested reward (charged
July 20
Interview with SpartaCats project
We conducted an interview with a representative of the SpartaCats King Meowidus project. This article provides answers to questions.
July 19
The total amount of locked assets on Black INK exceeds $3 300 000
This was achieved in 4 days after the end of the INK token sale on
July 14
INK was listed on FlatQube 🔥
Trading pairs: INK/QUBE, INK/WEVER. Liquidity hasn't been added yet.
July 14
INK token sale finishes today 💰
Today is the last day of the INK token sale on EverStart. We remind you that INK is the Black INK project token necessary for the ability to auto-reinvest in farming on Token sale ends at
July 13
The USDT/EUPI pair will be stopped ⏹
In the near future, it is planned to liquidate the EUPI/USDT pair on, since there is practically no demand for the pair. Liquidity will remain in the EVER/EUPI pair, and it will be possibl
July 11
Your tokens on EverBoard 📝
We remind you that EverBoard is a service that allows users to conveniently receive and filter up-to-date information about Everscale network tokens. The service was launched by the EverKit team on Ju
July 08
EverKit launches a new service — EverBoard 📊
On the EverBoard website, it is convenient to receive and filter up-to-date information about Everscale network tokens.
July 06
Black INK protocol for FlatQube users 🚒
Black INK is the new Everscale farming boosting protocol designed to maximize farming liquidity providers APY. The main goal is to claim and reinvest user reward any time when the expected reward amou
July 04
New meme contest with prizes 🔜
SOON meme token organizers launched a meme contest. How to participate: • post a meme about SOON on Twitter with the #sop_meme hashtag; • post a link on Discord in the #memes_and_art branch; • specif
July 03
SpartaCats NFT sale ends July 6 🐱
There are only 136 NFT left from the SpartaCats project on NFT can be purchased for $69! Sale is being held here 🔗
June 30
Sale of 300 unique NFT from SpartaCats 🙀
Right now, the launchpad is hosting the sale of the first NFT from the SpartaCats project for $69! The sale will end on July 6. Learn more here 🔗
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