June 16
EverStart launchpad tokenomics
EverStart is an Everscale-based launchpad created to launch projects on Everscale. At the moment, the tokensale of the native EverStart token — START — is taking place on the launchpad. In this article, we will tell you in more detail what a token is needed for.
June 15
PURR farming on FlatQube 🔥
On the FlatQube.io, farming of the native token of the SpartaCats project — PURR — has began. Pairs: • EVER/PURR • QUBE/PURR
June 13
#START token sale continues 🔥
We remind you that at the moment START token sale is taking place on the EverStart.io launchpad. The token will allow users to receive guaranteed allocation on the launchpad. Users have already deposi
June 09
Revoland IDO on EverStart.io 🔥
Revoland is a P2E MOBA Esports game. It is about the combination of personal skills and teamwork, giving users the opportunity to challenge themselves with various game modes. On the EverStart launch
June 08
#START token is on the FlatQube and EVER Wallet White List ⚡️
The EverStart.io launchpad token was added to the FlatQube and EVER Wallet White List. START will allow users to get a guaranteed allocation at the price of Soft Cap on EverStart! Stay tuned 👍
June 04
PURR listing on FlatQube and PancakeSwap 🔥
#PURR — SpartaCats project token — was listed on FlatQube! Trading pairs: PURR/EVER and PURR/QUBE. Also, you can buy a token on the PancakeSwap exchange via BNB and octQUBE. Good job 👍
June 02
EVER will be added on ONUS 🔥
News about the listings continues! EVER will be added to the ONUS cryptocurrency storage, exchange and staking app today. After listing, users will be able to make off-chain transactions in the ONUS n
June 02
EVER listing on Huobi ⚡
Today at 15:00 (UTC) EVER deposit will be available on the centralized exchange Huobi. Withdrawal will open on June 4 at 13:00 (UTC). The EVER/USDT trading pair will open later.
June 01
EVER listing on KuCoin 🔥
KuCoin.com is in the top exchanges in terms of trading volume, so this is a great chance to promote Everscale! ⏱ Listing starts today at 10:00 (UTC), deposit and trading will be available from June 2,
May 27
INF/WEVER farming pool will be launched today ⚡️
Yesterday #INF, the Infam project token, was listed on FlatQube, and INF/WEVER farming pool starts today. According to tokenomics, a total of 2 million tokens from all networks were allocated for the
May 27
How does the BRIDGE token work
BRIDGE is an Octus Bridge Governance token that allows you to transfer liquidity between blockchains Everscale, Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, etc. with minimal fees and at high speeds. The token is available on the FlatQube DEX. Octus Bridge runs as a DAO – a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Any BRIDGE holder can vote for certain operational decisions.
May 26
Infam on FlatQube 🧊
The #INF token of the Infam project, integration of which into Everscale was discussed yesterday, was listed on FlatQube and added to the white list. The project team plans to launch token farming in
May 26
EVER listing on Coinstore ⚡️
Coinstore is a centralized exchange based in Singapore. EVER will be added to Coinstore soon! Stay tuned for more details 💪
May 24
A part of BRIDGE tokens was burnt 🔥
Updates BRIDGE from the TIP-3/Broxus standard to the TIP-3.1 standard is almost complete, however, when transferring tokens, the total supply of both token variants was almost the same, so there was a
May 18
BRIDGE token validators and stakers have got dividends ⚡️
The dividends were sent to addresses in the USDT and QUBE tokens. The rest of the dividends can be claimed in the BRIDGE tokens on the staking page at the end of the round.
May 17
The EVA farming program was launched on the DEXADA.io ⚡️
You can take part in mining of the EVA token within two farming of pools on the DEXADA exchange: WEVER/EVA and ADA/WEVER.
May 16
New EVA token was launched on DEXADA ⚡️
Today, the decentralized exchange DEXADA, built on the basis of Everscale with an emphasis on Cardano liquidity, announced the launch of the native utility EVA token. The role of the token for its hol
May 14
The tokensale of the PURR token on the EverStart.io was finished 🥳
Recall that PURR is the token of the SpartaCats project, launched on the EverStart platform on May 6. In total, the EVER 555.36K were collected when the Hard Cap was 500K EVER. Congratulations!
May 06
PURR tokensale has started on EverStart.io 🚀
PURR is the token of the new NFT memcoin SpartaCats project, aimed at attracting users to Everscale. PURR was listed on the EverStart launchpad today. The minimum amount of funds required to launch th
May 04
EVER listing on BitMart 🥳
BitMart is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange that is in the top 15 exchanges with the largest trading volumes according to Coingecko. EVER deposit on the exchange will be available from 9.05.22, 1
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