November 29
ChainWars: play and earn by defending the Earth!
ChainWars is an ever-evolving story of galactic warfare. Game Type: Digital Collectible Card Game (DCCG).
November 18
Everscale wallets overview
There are several non-custodial wallets from different developers teams in the Everscale ecosystem. The most popular at the moment are Ever Surf, EVER Wallet and Everspace. You can freely transfer your EVER and other TIP3 tokens, as well as create multi signature wallets using the interfaces of any of these wallets. We describe the features of each of them to make it easier for you to make a choice.
November 17
How Everscale was promoted in Serbia with the help of Grupovina & Popusti
Grupovina & Popusti is the largest coupon website in Serbia. Grupovina & Popusti became a partner of Everscale (at that time Free TON) at the end of 2020, but Everscale media practically did not cover the company's activities, as a result of which few users heard about this partner. We decided to rectify this situation and talked with the founder of the company.
November 11
Everscale AMA session on Reddit dedicated to DeFi — Questions and answers
Text AMA session dedicated to DeFi was held on Wednesday, November 9, with the participation of Sergey Shashev and Sergey Dzhurinsky, which was viewed by more than 200,000 people. We have prepared a block of questions that were asked by users to the AMA session participants.
November 02
How to use Ever Name
Ever Name is a decentralized domain name service based on the Everscale blockchain. Each domain is an NFT. You can bind your domain to your Everscale address and use the blockchain using short names instead of long addresses.
October 25
How to transfer LP tokens from old farming pools to new
The Broxus team has provided the LP token transfer guide.
October 10
Octus Bridge transfer fee refund
Octus Bridge is a decentralized cross-chain bridge between the Everscale, Ethereum, Fantom, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Solana and Milkomeda blockchains. When withdrawing assets from Everscale, the bridge takes a commission of 6 EVER. In this article, we will tell you how to return most of the transfer fee.
August 29
Identix.Space work result
In March, the Identix.Space team received a grant from DeFi Alliance to develop a series of educational quests for Everscale. In this article, the team share the results of the work on their behalf.
July 13
Highlights of the Everscale MeetUp 110 🗞
• Broxus posted a last call to participate in Elysium Hackathon which kicks off on the July 14th • EverX to have a big update published on the July 15th • Everscale News channel now has the blue veri
July 12
Highlights of the GOSH AMA session with Mitja Goroshevsky on EVER Broadcast
Highlights of the GOSH AMA session with Mitja Goroshevsky on EVER Broadcast.
July 11
Everscale H1 2022 roadmap report — developing at high speed
As it’s the end of Q2, it’s time to talk about results. A lot of promises were made, and a lot of things were delivered too. What’s more, we ended up with a few extras on top of what was planned, such as new exchange listings. So, it’s time to recap all the work that took place in the ecosystem and determine our onward scope. Let’s go!
July 07
Sergey Shashev AMA session recap
AMA session with the Broxus co-founder Broxus Sergey Shashev was held on July 6. He answered the questions of the community in a company with Sergey Dzhurinsky. In this article, you can read the highlights of the AMA session.
May 27
The next voting cycle on EVER DAO
The current voting cycle runs on the EVER DAO platform. It is based on the results of previously accepted proposals for Main Governance members and Everscale partners. Every EVER holder can participate in the voting.
May 27
How does the BRIDGE token work
BRIDGE is an Octus Bridge Governance token that allows you to transfer liquidity between blockchains Everscale, Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, etc. with minimal fees and at high speeds. The token is available on the FlatQube DEX. Octus Bridge runs as a DAO – a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Any BRIDGE holder can vote for certain operational decisions.
May 18
Voting cycle on EVER DAO
A large voting cycle runs on the EVER DAO platform. It is based on the results of previously accepted proposals for Main Governance members and Everscale partners. All community members are invited to vote.
May 16
GOSH – the first git blockchain ever
GOSH (Git Open Source Holder) was launched at the DockerCon conference on May 10 as the first ever git blockchain. GOSH is a separate blockchain based on the Everscale technology to offer a comprehensive solution to securing the global software supply chain of open source software.
March 28
Overview of the 96th MeetUp
At the 96th community weekly MeetUp, which took place on March 22, the following topics were discussed: technical updates, Everscale Africa projects, presentation of the new NFT standard, Everscale Academy update. This article provides an overview of the highlights of the MeetUp.
March 11
Introduction to Pi UNION
Pi UNION is an Estonian fintech company that builds products around the legal fiat-crypto gateway, allowing users to transfer fiat funds to and from cryptocurrency. Pi UNION is a partner of the Everscale blockchain and a member of Everscale DeFi Alliance.
February 16
How does staking in Surf Stake from the Ever Surf team work?
Ever Surf is the most popular wallet among Everscale users. It has had over 10,000 installations from Google Play. The most popular type of staking via Ever Surf is Surf Stake. When using it, all you need to do is enter an amount from 100 EVER and the app will automatically choose a depool from its list and send coins there. Easy and fast!
February 09
Overview of the highlights of the 90th MeetUp
At the 90th community weekly MeetUp, which took place on February 8, the following topics were discussed: technical updates, marketing and Everscale Roadmap AMA Highlights, Washington, D.C. GBA Conference Highlights. This article provides an overview of the highlights of the MeetUp.
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