April 30
A large voting cycle on EVER DAO
A large voting cycle on EVER DAO: community is determining the fate of initial members and partnerships.
March 22
Launch of the Bounty program from Broxus
On March 21, the Broxus team launched the Bounty program in the Everscale community. The program is aimed to improve the accuracy and availability of platform and product documentation. The task of the program participants is to write a guide for users in English on the proposed topic and, if successful, receive a reward.
March 21
A proposal to make Ever DAO the official governance system
The Global Governance vote on the transition of the Everscale governance system to the EVER DAO platform has begun.
March 17
Token sale SURF with EverKit pool
On March 15, Ever Surf announced a strategic round of sales of its own SURF token. The best token price in this round is $0.20. You can take part in the round at this price by investing at least $20 000, but with the help of EverKit Pool you can take part at the best price from $200.
March 04
Highlights of the AMA session with Sergey Shashev
On March 4, an AMA session with Sergey Shashev was held in the Everscale community. Events taking place within the network, as well as plans for the future, were discussed during this AMA session. This material reveals the main points of the AMA session:
February 16
Slashing for $900 000. Attack on the BRIDGE network
In the morning, 16.02.22 rate of the BRIDGE token went down sharply. As it turned out, the reason for the drop was the attack on the network by one of the bridge validators, who was supposed to exchange BRIDGE tokens of the TIP-3 standard for the TIP-3.1 standard, but instead sold part of the assets in the market.
February 10
News from EverX (formerly TON Labs)
EverX (formerly TON Labs) announced updates that will make the use of the Everscale blockchain more convenient and easy for developers.
February 02
50 millions EVER for the NFT Alliance?
On January 27, a proposal to form the NFT and GameFi Alliance and transfer 50 million EVER to the alliance was made on the forum. The proposal is substantiated by the fact that the wide coverage of the NFT market is crucial for the development of the Everscale network, since NFT are applicable in games, music, etc.
January 27
First grant from DeFi Alliance
In November, DeFi Alliance launched a 15 million EVER grant program and began accepting applications from teams wishing to build their projects in the Everscale ecosystem. Since that time, representatives of the alliance conducted interviews with 17 projects from various fields: GameFi, NFT, DeFi, etc. 8 out of 17 projects were selected for participation in the first round.
January 11
Blockchain application for secure and efficient voting will be introduced in Everscale
A year ago, Everscale community (formerly Free TON) criticised the scientific publication issued by a group of researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) which argued that blockchain technology can’t be considered as a robust solution for well-known issues in electoral systems. To challenge this publication Everscale community launched a contest that aimed to create theoretical proofs of blockchain voting systems feasibility. The contest resulted in around 50 submissions, among which several winners were chosen.
December 19, 2021
Boosted Staking program in Everscale. Staking with up to 20% APY
The Everscale network announced a boosted staking program that involves staking with up to 20% APY with a blocking of funds from 6 to 24 months. To learn more about the program, we interviewed Eugene Teslov, CPO Ever Surf.
November 03, 2021
Is Everscale a new name to replace Free TON?
At the 78th weekly community weekly MeetUp, Alexander Filatov announced that 25 initial members voted for Everscale as the new name of the blockchain. However, the survey among other users did not give an unambiguous result: the opinions of community members vary not only about the name, but also about the rebranding as a whole. Let's deal with it.
October 27, 2021
How to participate in the Killer Whale Pod Cast AirDrop?
Killer Whale Pod Cast is the first fully decentralized launchpad for new projects inside the Free TON blockchain. Liquidity pools for projects will be launched on the decentralized FLEX exchange.
October 18, 2021
New composition of the Free TON community initial members
Free TON grows and reaches high peaks, as evidenced by , for example, the world blockchain record for throughput in the Rust network. Nevertheless, the outcome must not only be consolidated but also improved in order to enter the phase of sustainable development with confidence. Alexander Filatov made a proposal to strengthen Free TON. The essence of the proposal is to appoint 8 new initial members of the community instead of those whose work was not effective, and transfer the reins of government to the new members.
October 16, 2021
Free TON rebranding: choose the best name
The rebranding of Free TON is one of the most popular topics for discussion within the community, which has already begun voting for the best blockchain name. This article presents rebranding options from Alexander Filatov.
October 05, 2021
New Free TON Main Governance Initials. Beginners, Go For It!
The transition to the next phase of Free TON has begun, which is marked by a complete switch to rust-node, and therefore by high speeds and huge potential for network scalability; a fresh approach to consensus and governance, and the creation of...
October 03, 2021
Reality Show “Making Money On Crypto. Test-drive”. The Beginning
Free TON House launches the project “Making money on crypto. Test Drive”. On October 1, we invested $200 in different cryptocurrencies to make money by farming on various blockchains. We will track and report in real-time how our income is chang...
September 24, 2021
Crypto Market News For The Week. From September 13 to 19
Solana outage, Bitcoin downturn, NEAR volatility, Filecoin struggle, and the upcoming FTX traders competition. It’s been a hot week. September Has Stirred Many Crypto Investors The main shock was the Solana blockchain outage. To recap on Septemb...
September 21, 2021
TON Swap Farming: Updates
The Broxus team announced long-term farming on TON Swap at the end of August, a great way to earn on updated liquidity pools. Free TON HOUSE tells about the updated farming. Liquidity Pairs PairYieldWBTC-BRIDGE137% per annumWTON-BRIDGE78% per a...
September 20, 2021
Rust Cup — Flight to New Worlds
Rust Cup ended with a world speed record and combat debugging of innovative Free TON solutions. You can judge the epochal nature of the event by the scale of the work done, the geography of the participants, and the contest duration, as well as ...
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