March 11
Interview with Sergey Shashev: EVER DAO
The EverKit team has conducted an interview with the Broxus co-founder Sergey Shashev. From the interview, you will learn more about Ever DAO, the platform development history, goals, etc.
December 19, 2021
Boosted Staking program in Everscale. Staking with up to 20% APY
The Everscale network announced a boosted staking program that involves staking with up to 20% APY with a blocking of funds from 6 to 24 months. To learn more about the program, we interviewed Eugene Teslov, CPO Ever Surf.
December 05, 2021
Text format of the AMA-session with Sergey Shashev
On December 3, an AMA-session with Broxus co-founder Sergey Shashev was held. This article provides answers to the most interesting questions.
November 25, 2021
Interview with Mitja Goroshevsky: Public Giver's reform proposal
A proposal to undertake Public Giver’s reform, involving the abolition of Subgovernances and partnerships, as well as the creation of the Decentralized Governance Fund. was made on the forum by TON Labs technical director Mitja Goroshevsky.
November 22, 2021
Interview with the game TonLoot developer
TonLoot is an open metaverse that exists only on the Everscale network. The only way to access TonLoot world is via Smart Contracts or Debot apps on Everscale. The team of our channel conducted an interview with one of the developers of the game — Zackery. This article provides answers to questions from the interview.
November 13, 2021
Answers to questions from the Killer Whale Pod Cast AMA session
On November 4, an AMA session was held in the Everscale community with the organizers of the Killer Whale Pod Cast project. During the broadcast, Mitja Goroshevsky and Anastasia Yugova answered the most interesting questions about the activities of KWPC. This article presents answers from the AMA session.
October 31, 2021
Interview with DeFi Alliance from the Free TON community
The community talked with Broxus founder Sergei Shashev, who answered questions regarding the work of DeFi Alliance. The results of a small interview are presented in this article.
October 14, 2021
Dmitry Gachko About the Developer Courses Within the DeEducation #1 Contest, or “How to Join IT”
The Free TON community needs more smart contracts and DeBot developers. Experienced community specialists can teach new people, but, unfortunately, they often simply don’t have enough time for it. Free TON Academy Sub-Governance decided to hold ...
October 04, 2021
NeverMind the Sh*tcoins: Episode 4. World’s First Proof of Lactation Podcast
Episode four of the crypto panel quiz podcast, Nevermind the Shitcoins! With guests Mitja Goroshevsky, Alexander Filatov, Ron Millow, and Eugene Morozov, host Benjamin Bateman, and score enforcement, Dionne Edwards. Is Steven Seagal suing us? C...
September 30, 2021
Interview With Mikhail Kabanov And Anton Platonov, Creators Of The Crystal Fever Lottery
Not too long ago, we wrote (and even participated) in the first Free TON lottery — Crystal Fever. Since then, the blockchain community has received a partnership proposal from its creators. Free TON HOUSE decided to find out more about the proje...
September 22, 2021
NeverMind the Shitcoins: Episode three. How many tacos to ride the Luvvv-Chain?
The raunchiest episode so far! This one is definitely not for kids… and probably not for adults either… Join and play: Not the news — the weirdest headlines from the crypto week.Ill-informed influencers — the dodgiest ICO shillers.Zombie coin p...
September 12, 2021
NFT as 21st Century Collectibles: Interview with TonPunks project creators
The team is widely known to the Free TON community for such projects as the TON Wallet, the Swap exchange, Telegram-bot @svoitonbot. Team members are part of numerous Free TON Subgovernances - DeFi, DevEx, WD and NFT SubGov. "SVOI" is a team of experts in the field of programming, analytics, design, united by the idea of ​creating cool technological products and startups for business.
September 12, 2021
NeverMind the Shitcoins: Episode two. Crypto’s fishiest bedtime stories!
Topical crypto and blockchain news, tricky quizzing, easy quizzing, and the unveiling of Ben’s first ever children’s book! You don’t want to miss it! Apple Google Podcasts Hosts:Ben Sunderland @mrbsunder1and31, Senior Community Manager at TON L...
September 07, 2021
Third Monthly AMA Session Of TON Surf. Part 1 — Surf Updates
At the regular meetup, Surf specialists talked about all the updates, improvements, and new projects they implemented in August. Together with RSquad specialists, the TON Surf team discussed the TRUE NFT technology — its structure, features, and...
August 29, 2021
Free TON Podcast #10. How Covid has affected the world across different countries and areas?
How has Covid affected the world? Artificial Intelligence — can a machine ever be truly called intelligent? Can blockchain help in supply chain management? Should we trust SCM? Anchor Apple Google Podcasts Host:Ben‌ ‌Sunderland‌ ‌@mrbsunder1and3...
August 27, 2021
Sergey Shashev on PRO BLOCKCHAIN
Sergey Shashev, a co-founder of Broxus, — about his way to Free TON, the difference between New TON and Free TON, farming perspectives and bridge development. BROXUS: from TON to Free TON After a long-term algorithmic trading in different market...
August 21, 2021
DevEx Governance Meetup #42 dated 12.08.2021
Notification provider contest discussion: who should have Apple registration for push notifications? CreateWills by Gulzaman Khan. Notification provider contest. Apple registration for push notifications: who should have it? The goal of the cont...
August 19, 2021
Free TON Speed Record and Development: by Mitja Goroshevsky
On August 12, Free TON community held an AMA session with Mitja Goroshevsky, Ivan Kotelnikov, Pavel Prigolovko, Anatoly Ustinov, and others. They discussed Free TON speed record, Whitepaper, Rust Cup and other important issues. We invite you to ...
August 19, 2021
Formal verification in Free TON: by Sergey Egorov
In April, Sergey Egorov, сo-founder of Pruvendo and one of the Formal Methods Sub-Governance founders, told Free TON House about formal verification. Now we asked Sergey to share news about the formal verification process in Free TON and to summ...
August 17, 2021
Mark Feldman: “Contribute To The Development Of Free TON”
Mark Feldman, the man who stood at the beginnings of TON Labs, an experienced investment banker and CEO of Standard Capital Group, talks about his journey into blockchain and new projects. One of them will inspire the Free TON community, and the...
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