November 19, 2022
EVER DAO: voting guide
EVER DAO is a decentralized management platform that allows all WEVER (Wrapped EVER) token holders to vote for proposals related to the Everscale network. Community members can express their will when making significant decisions in the life of the network in a transparent and verifiable way.
November 13, 2022
Create your own Esports brand with EverGaming
EverGaming is an innovative ecosystem for Esports enthusiasts, players and teams of any level: from beginners to professionals in mobile gaming. The ecosystem unites players, teams, viewers, sponsors, influencers, streamers and tournament organizers on its platform — directly, without intermediaries, because it works like a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization).
November 2, 2022
How to use Ever Name
Ever Name is a decentralized domain name service based on the Everscale blockchain. Each domain is an NFT. You can bind your domain to your Everscale address and use the blockchain using short names instead of long addresses.
October 16, 2022
EverGaming — at junction of three growing markets
According to Statista, the revenues of the global eSports market may reach 1.9 billion USD by 2025, and the audience may increase from the current 532 million to 640 million users worldwide. China accounts for nearly a third of worldwide eSports revenues.
July 11, 2022
Everscale H1 2022 roadmap report — developing at high speed
As it’s the end of Q2, it’s time to talk about results. A lot of promises were made, and a lot of things were delivered too. What’s more, we ended up with a few extras on top of what was planned, such as new exchange listings. So, it’s time to recap all the work that took place in the ecosystem and determine our onward scope. Let’s go!
July 6, 2022
Staking EVER: Earn crypto passively and safely
Everything is great when you’re in the bull market — the coins grow, new projects appear here and there, DeFi sector pumps like a madman. Everyone feels euphoric and pink glasses cover each face. However, people tend to forget that one should be as cautious as possible when dealing with crypto — there are too many grey areas and shady people out there looking to grab your coins and disappear in the sunset. So security is the first thing always to consider when working with crypto.
March 15, 2022
Endorsable NFTs from NiFi Club
The NFT-marketplace NiFi Club in February announced a pilot product — Endorsable NFTs. The essence of NiFi Club’s innovation is combining two NFTs in one.
February 14, 2022
Plans for the year 2022. The new Everscale roadmap!
Everscale's 2022 roadmap has been posted to the community. Let's take a look at Everscale's plans for this year!
November 15
List of top media publications from Broxus
This article presents a list of publications prepared by the Broxus team over the past month in the top media.
October 13
Everscale White Paper
Bitcoin has eliminated trust when conducting peer-to-peer financial transactions by inventing the economic incentives and technology to run a decentralized computer network. Ethereum has invented Turing complete-programming for it, which helped create more complicated financial instruments, such as tokenized assets, collateralized loans, liquidity pools or synthetic assets. In this paper we describe the architecture, components, governance mechanism and financial model of Free TON — a trustless worldwide operating system. The Operating System of Freedom.
October 01
Rollups or How to Improve Ethereum
Ethereum problems have to do with the network’s bounded ability to compute many transactions within a shorter period. To solve these problems, rollups have become a new thing in the Ethereum space. Ethereum is an open-source, decentralized block...
September 23
Whitepaper is a technical document with a detailed description of the project, including the architecture and method of interaction with users. In addition, the document may contain information about the technology of cryptocurrency issuance, me...
September 10
TON.LIVE blockchain observer: how and for what to use it?
TON.LIVE is a blockchain observer developed by TON Labs. The obesrver was developed on the basis of TON.DEV. With TON.LIVE, you can see the state of the following networks:,,,,
September 09
Free TON after Rust Cup: comments from Mitja Goroshevsky about the "race"
On September 1, the Rust Cup validator race, the purpose of which was to test the node written in the Rust programming language, ended. At the final stages of the race, the validators managed to break the world record, namely, to achieve more than 55,000 transactions per second on the TON Labs test network.
August 17
The concept of "multithreading" in the Free TON Whitepaper
Whitepaper is a document compiled by TON Labs Technical Director Mitya Goroshevsky. The document presents a project for the further development of Free TON. In this article, we look at one of Whitepaper's items - multithreading.
August 12
TON Storage and its future implementation
TON Storage is one of the components of TON. TON Storage is a file store that is similar to torrents. One part of the user's information is in the blockchain, the second is outside of it.
August 09
Validators in Free TON
Validators play an important role in the Free TON ecosystem, since they allow a decentralized network to function. In this article, we will analyze the features of validators in the Free TON blockchain.
July 29
Free TON as a fifth-generation blockchain
Blockchain, like many other technological developments, evolves over the years, breaking down into several generations. At the time of writing, the last generation is the fifth, to which Free TON belongs. In this article, we will consider the differences between generations.
July 26
Meaning of the term "DePool" in the Free TON ecosystem
DePool (decentralized pool) is a smart contract that gives other smart contracts the opportunity to invest stakes in a common pool of funds. After an investment, after a period of time, smart contracts can regain funds with interest.
July 23
Free TON Academy Developers’ Websites Contest
The threshold for developers to enter the ecosystem is high, even for advanced ones. The community is interested in developers, however, due to the indicated problem, an obstacle arises for the development of the network. The idea of the proposal is to create a project of the site, which would serve as a source of information for the developers of the ecosystem.
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