Bybit listing vote: detailed instructions for registering and topping up your wallet

Bybit listing vote: detailed instructions for registering and topping up your wallet

Everscale is taking part in ByVotes, a vote that will determine the next asset listed on Bibyt, one of the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges. The vote will start on March 2 at 3:00 (UTC) and last for 24 hours. We are counting on your support to get us on the exchange, so we’ve put together some instructions in how to participate in the voting process. 

Registering on Bybit

  1. Follow this link and link your email or phone number to register, then create a password.  
  2. Enter the verification code sent to your email or phone. 
  3. Congratulations! We are one step closer to a new listing!

Identity verification (KYC)

In order for your vote to count, you have to pass through the first stage of KYC verification. This is really simple and doesn’t take much time. Additionally, after you pass through this verification step, you’ll get 50 bonus votes that you can use to vote for Everscale! 

  1. In your account tab, click on “Identity verification,” then “pass” on the first level.
  2. Choose the country or region that issued your identity document and the type of document you are using. Then click “next.” 
  3. Upload your identity document.
  4. Use your webcam to pass through the facial recognition protocol. 
  5. Click “next” and wait for your identity to get verified. In your personal account tab you will see an indication that the verification process has been completed. 

Topping up your spot wallet

Please note that you don't have to send tokens anywhere in order to vote. You will find voting instructions below.

  1. Go to the “Assets” section of Bybit, choose “Spot account” and head to the assets page. 
  2. Choose the currency with which you want to top up your balance (for voting you have to choose one of the following currencies: USDT/USDC/DAI), then click deposit.  
  3. Copy the deposit wallet address and then send the money to that address. 

Voting with ByVotes

Please note that you do not have to lock your assets in to vote. Your assets will remain on your balance throughout the process. It is all very simple:

  • The vote on Bybit starts on March 2 at 3:00 (UTC) and will last for 24 hours. 
  • The amount of votes you have to participate in ByVotes will be proportional to the amount of assets you hold on your Bybit account. 
  • On March 1 at 23:59:59 (UTC) your spot account balance on Bybit will be registered in order to determine how many votes you get. If you are going to vote, assets have to be on your account befor this time. After voting begins, toping up your balance to get votes will not be possible, as only the assets on your account three hours prior to the start of the vote will be counted.

As soon as voting starts, you can head to the ByVotes site and vote for Everscale. According to the rules, there is a 10,000 vote (or $10,000) maximum that can be given to one project from one account. 1 vote = 1 USDT. It is important that we get the maximum amount of votes possible in the first few minutes after the start of voting so please set a reminder to vote right when it starts.  

After Everscale wins the listing vote thanks to your invaluable support, you will be entered into our EVER airdrop, that will take place on March 3 from 3:00 to 7:00 (UTC). The prize pool for the airdrop will be 1 200 000 EVER. The maximum reward amount sent to participants will be 1% of the total prize pool. 

Detailed voting timeline:

Warmup: 8:00 AM UTC, Feb 27th 23:59:59 UTC, Mar 1st
Snapshots Taken: 23:59:59 UTC, Mar 1st
Voting: 3:00:00 AM UTC, Mar 2nd - 3:00:00 AM UTC,Mar 3rd
Airdrop: 3:00:00 AM UTC,Mar 3rd- 7:00:00 AM UTC, Mar 3rd
Deposit time: 7:00:00 AM UTC, Mar 3rd
Winner Listing: 10:00:00 AM UTC, Mar 3rd

Your support will ensure Everscale's listing on the top exchange. Start preparing to vote now! If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask them in our chat

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