BFT Governance revised specification contest

BFT Governance revised specification contest

On May 20, the Free TON community launched the BFT Governance revised specification contest.


BFTG (Byzantine Fault Tolerant Governance) is a system of organizing the activities of the jury and judging in contests. The system is based on the principle of Byzantine fault tolerance, proposed by TON Labs technical director Mitja Goroshevsky.


The task for the contestants

Participants need to improve the system proposed by Mitоa Goroshevsky, in accordance with changes in architecture. It is worth noting that the basis of the BFTG cannot be changed: only modifications need to be made. Participants should use DeBots (decentralized bots) in their works. The work also should have a Free Software license.


Moreover, participants should attach updated technical documentation to the application.


Contest deadline

Applications are accepted until June 25, 23:59 (UTC).


The prize pool is 200.000 TON Crystal, ~ $74.000 at the moment of writing the article

1st place - 100.000 TONs, ~ $37.000.

2nd place - 50.000 TONs, ~ $18.500.

3rd place - 25.000 TONs, ~ $9.250.

4th place - 15.000 TONs, ~ $15.550.

5th place - 10.000 TONs, ~ $3.700.


You can submit the application here.


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