Answers to questions from the Killer Whale Pod Cast AMA session

Answers to questions from the Killer Whale Pod Cast AMA session

On November 4, an AMA session was held in the Everscale community with the organizers of the Killer Whale Pod Cast project. During the broadcast, Mitja Goroshevsky and Anastasia Yugova answered the most interesting questions about the activities of KWPC. This article presents answers from the AMA session.

1) If both tokens are locked for the selected period, then how is it supposed to participate in the vote?

Mitja Goroshevsky: Users will participate in the vote with locked tokens. There will be a special update to DeBoth, which will have a voting function with which everyone with locked tokens can vote.

2) When will the locked KWT turnover open?

Mitja Goroshevsky: It is open, but there is no DeBoth function that brings KWT to the wallet yet.

3) Will detailed product information be published on the KWPC website before a voting?

Anastasia Yugova: We plan to make announcements before the show, where we will tell briefly about the project. But the details and the DD process will only happen live.

4) The startups under consideration are projects with finished products or only at the idea stage?

Anastasia Yugova: Of course, these are projects with finished products, moreover, they should already have a Governance token, described tokenomics, clear Revenue. Without this, we cannot conduct DD and release the project live.

5) The AirDrop announcement was just a few days before the event, TON Surf was not ready, stTON was not finished, DeBot was finished on the last day, stream slowed down. What was the rush?

Mitja Goroshevsky: We did not finish stTON for basic reasons, we did not have time to conduct an audit - this is not a matter of 2 days. It seems to me that in our Free TON, when we make a decentralized history, we always justify decentralization that we cannot do anything normally. Another thing when it comes to a private project, and KWPC is a private project that is sponsored from our personal funds, and this is a project that we did in our spare time, I said immediately: everything will run like clockwork in this project, and it will be done at the highest level. We announced the date of the first episode in almost a month - we went to a conference with this date, talked about it with investors. Therefore, on October 30, exactly at 15-00 CET, we started the air. Production was almost perfect. We had a deboot, smart contracts, integration into Surf was perfectly made - at no stage were there mistakes.The guys did a huge job. The only thing which needed to be fixed was the stream, but that's something that didn't depend on us. However, we will work on it, and next time this will not happen. But I still believe that we showed that a private project on Free TON should look like this.

6) What are Listing Fears? Will startups coming to KWPC for liquidity have to pay for listing?

Mitja Goroshevsky: Yes, this is mandatory, since there are expenses for the event. Preparing a live broadcast costs money, and it should somehow be covered. This is a common story, you always pay Fees when you list your token, on any exchanges and launchpads.

7) What are pool spreads? How will Revenue reserve be replenished with this?

Mitja Goroshevsky: This is what the liquidity pool earns by providing liquidity to project tokens. Market Maker earns by trading at a price slightly higher (when bought) or lower (when sold) than market.

8) At what price to TON do free KWTs need to be put in the pool?

Mitja Goroshevsky: 0.68 is the last price, but a market price is needed to answer this question. Most likely, first of all we will list KWT on FLEX, and only then it will be possible to add a pool. I don't have 100% information yet.

9) Why did DeFi Alliance buy such a large share of KWT?

Mitja Goroshevsky: DeFi Alliance supports DeFi - projects, I think, DeFi Alliance liked mechanics, so they decided to add liquidity. In my opinion, this is the first project in which they invested, I hope for a long-term collaboration with DeFi Alliance both within KWP and within FLEX.

10) Is there a guarantee that it will be impossible to create new tokens?

Mitja Goroshevsky: Yes, in addition, only 24 percent of the maximum tokens will be created, these tokens will be provided to the team for successful episodes.

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