Answers from Identix.Space 📄

Answers from Identix.Space 📄

We collected questions from the community regarding the proposal on the implementation of the reputational SBT infrastructure on Everscale and passed them on to the Identix.Space team, which promptly gave answers!

You can find answers to the questions in the article 🔗

Also, CEO EverKit Nikita Kniazev left his comment:

"SBT is a technology with great potential, which is certainly important, however, the adoption of this proposal on EVER DAO is tantamount to a contract between the community and Identix.Space. In the current form of this contract, there are no deadlines for implementation and understandable, measurable criteria by which you can understand that the work has been completed. The performance of work after 10 years also complies with the terms of the contract in its current form.

I propose to specify the proposal and treat it as a full-fledged contract, with specific terms and measurable results of work. After that, submit the edited proposal for a second vote. Appendices to the contract can be drawn up separately and referenced in the text of the proposal on EVER DAO.

In addition, the community has not yet subsided the pain that the "network partners" delivered, who received millions of prepayments and ultimately did not fulfill their obligations (or fulfilled them poorly). I'm sure splitting the payment into pieces will increase the number of coins that will vote for".

We remind you that the vote will end tomorrow (06.09.22).

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