Anonymous Token Design contest

Anonymous Token Design contest

On May 9 2021, members of DevEx (Developer Experience) Subgovernance launched the Anonymous Token Design competition (design of the anonymous token protocol).

The Anonymous Token Protocol is a cheaper and faster analogue of ZCash, an open source cryptocurrency developed by the Zerocoin Electric Coin Company. The cryptocurrency provides privacy and selective transparency to transactions.

There has already been a community discussion about the anonymous token protocol, which has led to the conclusion that the protocol has no specific design. This means that a design competition must be held before the implementation of the anonymous token protocol.

Participants' task

Participants are required to design an anonymous token protocol using Groth16 proof-checking mechanism or any analogue. Participants must not only submit an application, but also present it at the time agreed with the jury. The presentation should contain clear instructions.

The prize fund is 475,000 TON Crystal

The participant who took 1st place in the competition will receive 120,000 TON Crystal.

Deadline of the contest: 01.07.21, 05:59 (UTC).

You can submit your work here.

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