An interview with the Broxie Club Founder

An interview with the Broxie Club Founder

Our team conducted an interview with the founder of Broxie Club Sergey Potemkin. This article provides answers to questions from the interview.

1) Tell me what the Broxie Club is and how it came about?
I missed the mint, and the collection is so cool and harmonious even without declaring utilities. As soon as the collection appeared on Grandbazar, I began to buy there and change from the guys with a surcharge for cooler ones. I took a little, and they are all exposed and exposed, I took interesting ones. But it's difficult for one, so I threw the idea to the guys to chip in together and pick up interesting ones, keep the floor. It worked! Moreover, others, seeing our actions, also began to buy. Not much yet, but this also helps not to drop the floor below 6000.

2) What are the goals of the club?
Stimulation of NFT exchange and sales, since more than half of the instances from the collections never enter the market. Development and stimulation of NFT utilities. Thus, both recognition and value will be raised. Search for NFT for private orders, including anonymously. We can keep them at home or on other dedicated wallets.

3) How many Broxie do you have and what are you going to do with them next?
I have 38 Broxie NFT, I'm going to buy and change them further, collect interesting sets, and exhibit Broxie for interesting collaborations at Everscale.

4) How many people are in the club? Are there those who you met thanks to this idea?
So far, only three and Slava Semenchuk, who I met from the very beginning, I have changed with him in the first place.

5) Are you somehow connected to Broxus?
No, I don't know anyone personally and the club is not connected in any way. It is independent. It is possible that some of the participants may be connected, but this does not matter to our actions.

6) Are you afraid of a price drawdown, for example, if the utilities turn out to be weak?
Broxus are serious guys, utilities will not be weak. We  have already come up with several shares for Broxie owners, consider additional utilities. And yes, if there is a drawdown, we will buy Broxie, and others will help us, it has already been.

7) Does the club work just for the Broxie collection?
Of course not, but for now we are trying with them.

8) What utilities do you expect?
Additional boost in the FlatQube farming, NFT staking, NFT bridge to Ethereum and Solana — it will be a bomb! Well, a bunch of collaborations with their partners and third-party guys, including us.

9) Judging by the speed of the mint, floor and volume of trading, this is the most successful collection in Everscale. What do you think caused this?
Here is a great credit to Broxus: this is a well-known name in Everscale, and excellent DEX products, and the promise of Broxie utilities in their products, and the beauty and quality of the collection of course!

10) What are the expectations of the collection in the future of the year?
To be in demand, good club utilities from the guys and collabs with other game projects were announced, then the value, in addition to the collectible, will be higher. For us, this is first of all beautiful and useful and only then about income.

11) Broxie Club is a closed club. How to get to you?
It is private, we will be happy for the new participants, but there are some rules. Contact me. There will be a DAO vote, according to the result of which we will accept or not (joke).

We thank Sergey for the interview. We remind you that the Broxie NFT collection was released on October 14 in the amount of NFT 1221 and sold out in about 27 hours. The collection was also placed on the Grandbazar NFT marketplace.

Broxie Club on Grandbazar.

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