An interview with one of the extraTON creators

An interview with one of the extraTON creators

Our team conducted an interview with a person (contacts in Telegram: @ qwertys318), who is one of the creators of ExtraTON. Enjoy it!


1) When did you join the Free TON community?

Like, probably, everybody, we carefully followed the project of the Durov brothers - their idea could literally change the world. They couldn’t implement this idea, but this turn of events, in general, was predictable. And then Free TON appeared from the ashes, like a phoenix. Such an event simply could not be missed, because we immediately plunged into the study of the network and its capabilities.


2) What is What is this project about?

On the one hand, ExtraTON is just a wallet, on the other - ExtraTON is an access to the ecosystem. At the moment, this system is formed by our team, we offer solutions for staking (, a tool for convenient creation and signing of transactions from multisig wallets ( On one of the recent streams, developers from TON Labs showed that you could sign the Declaration of Decentralization on-chain through tonos-cli. With the help of and our extension, everyone can sign it.


The source code of our solutions is completely open. So everyone can create their own dApp that they can interact with through our extension. We look forward to such developments, we are ready to help with advice, to share expertise.


3) ExtraTON is this a user friendly interface to interact with the blockchain or something more? What role does ExtraTON play in staking?

We would like ExtraTON to be compared with Metamask or TronLink - the most convenient tools for interacting with other blockchains. In fact, blockchain is like Pandora's box, in order to open it you need to try very hard. We want all the benefits of the blockchain to be used by ordinary users, so that the entry threshold for them is extremely low, and the interaction is native. - is dApp for staking. You can use the extension to interact with dApp, to sign the transaction to the "depool" address. Of course, you can use tonos-cli and perform all the same actions, but this is not available to everyone, you need certain technical knowledge.


4) Some people are afraid of using staking on your platform, probably because they are not sure about the security of their funds. What can you tell these users?

We can understand these people because of strange terms like extensions, seed phrase, dApp. The main problem is information, training and demonstration of opportunities. Our solutions use an open source approach - anyone can independently assemble the project by downloading it from GitHub. The code is open, there are no secrets.


But not everyone has enough skills. Therefore, we systematically answer questions about token security. Extensions are installed on the user's local computer, the seed phrase is also entered locally. Unlike web solutions, where the user forwards this data to the site. Surely, the user's computer can be infected with a virus, but in this case everything in the world will be stolen. The age when antiviruses are not needed has not yet come.


Our plan is to implement a solution with an encrypted keystore file. This will make the use of our extension even more secure.


5) What are the risks in participating in staking? How to choose depools? What is worth paying attention to?

While there is no slashing, there are no risks as such. With its appearance, the picture will change - it will be necessary to choose the most reliable depool - there will be passes, there will be fines, steaks will be cut. Reliability is the first and most important rule in case of working with digital assets.


Assurance - this is insurance - follows reliability. When slashing, the steak is cut not all, but some part of it. Insurance will cover such incidents. While there are no clear conditions for slowing, it is difficult to say how it will work. But it will be - this is a fact.


Another parameter is the fee of a depool. This is the percentage that the depool takes from the user's awards, in fact, the work fee. The higher this percentage, the less rewards go to the user.


6) Do you see the prospects for the development of the project? If so, what? Are there any ideas?

In our opinion, the prospects are enormous. The technological basis of Free TON does not have any visible restrictions, you can develop anything on this platform. In general, we believe that the native coin of the network may become the third in the world after the "beat" and "broadcast" - there are all the prerequisites for this.


What do you need to do? We need developers who will create and develop solutions based on Free TON technologies. We need a community that will support developers both in word and in deed - using these solutions, testing, offering improvements. If we want to get into the lead, then the common work atmosphere should be very friendly, comfortable and, importantly, constructive and meaningful.


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