AMA session with Unicom24 (text summary)

AMA session with Unicom24 (text summary)

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Today our guest is the CEO of – Yuri Kudryakov.

What is Unicom24?

  • Financial certified marketplace at the Central Bank of the Russian Federation
  • CPA network, ie a platform for advertisers (banks, MFIs, insurance companies and publishers)
  • An application for agents, where they can make transactions on issuing bank cards, mortgages, loans, car loans, insurance, get their credit history, etc.

Quantitative indicators of the platform

  • 1,500,000 users per month, including by API
  • More than 2,000,000 registered users
  • More than 10 million questionnaires have passed through our resource over the past year
  • More than 230,000 registered agents
  • More than 10,000,000,000 tokenized users
  • More than 11,000 active publishers and CPA network agents who work daily
  • More than 484,000 registered webmasters
  • More than 10 applications every second
  • The throughput of the platform is more than 500,000 applications per day


  • By 2024, 3.5% of all loans will be disbursed through our platform
  • 70% of applications via ref. traffic and API will receive a solution for a bank or any financial company in 20 seconds
  • There will be more than 9,000,000 credit histories
  • There will be more than 60 million questionnaires


More than 550 companies paid us in November.

Banks: Alfa Bank JSC, Renaissance Credit, Touch Bank, B&N Bank, OTP Bank, Orient Express Bank, Tinkoff Bank, Rosbank, Promsvyazbank, Raiffeisenbank, Home Credit & Finance Bank, Russian Standard Bank, Pochta Bank, Otkritie, Depo-Bank, Round Bank, Credit Europe Bank, Tochka Bank.

Insurance companies: IPJSC Ingosstrakh, Renaissance Insurance, VTB Insurance, AlfaStrakhovanie, VSK, InTouch, Renaissance Insurance-2, Soglasie.

Our services

  • information about your credit history
  • correction of errors in credit histories
  • free Unicom24 report
  • car check
  • financial report according to the FICO system (international client assessment)
  • system of reports on changes in your credit history
  • automated system of recommendation of offers for webmasters
  • financial health rating
  • check and scoring based on social networks
  • and much more

Partnership offer for Free TON

The goal is to create a decentralized ecosystem, on the basis of which CPA services will be created, ranging from affiliate programs to affiliate networks and related products. Unicom24 will unite advertisers, networks and partners into a single platform.

TON Crystal integration in our tools

  • Adding TON Crystal coin to Unicom24 website (40,000 coins)
  • Adding a TON Crystal coin to Unicom24 Telegram bot , which is localized into Russian, English, Vietnamese and Hindi (30,000 coins)
  • Implementation of TON Crystal into the loyalty program (20,000 coins)

Marketing in partnership with Free TON

It is important to note that our users are mostly financially literate people. Therefore, it will be more than the target audience for Free TON.

  • Attracting Unicom24 users to the Free TON network (920,000 coins for 230,000 users)
  • Attracting new users to the Unicom24 / Free TON network (200,000 coins for every 50,000 new users, up to 2,000,000 coins). Given that all users will be able to spend coins in all kinds of tools and an online store that sells goods from toilet paper and buckwheat to BMW X7!

Will the token crediting for users be on-chain or on your internal infrastructure?

Users will have internal token balances. Also, wallets will be created for them so that they can withdraw them. Therefore, the accrual of tokens will be off-chain, and the withdrawal will be on-chain.

We are very scrupulous about numbers and will be ready to share them with the Free TON community. In addition, we already have such a reporting system in front of the entire Unicom24 audience with our internal coins (demonstrates on the screen in the system).

Can users transfer tokens among themselves?


Are you planning to create a loan service in TON Crystal?

Yes, we discussed this issue earlier. And if such a request comes from the community, then we will implement it.

In 2019, you had a restructuring. Can you comment on this?

Yes of course. In 2019, VTB’s capital joined us. It was the first venture capital deal.

With what share did VTB enter?

With much less than wanted.

How much appreciated Unicom 24?

It was a closed deal. I do not want to violate the confidentiality of this deal.

Are you planning to work with offers from crypto companies?

There are a lot of scam projects in the crypto industry now. If there are decent proposals, with a clear economy and clear profit for everyone, then we will say yes. But for us now it is important to establish integration only with Free TON so far, since we like the way everything works in your project.

In addition, we plan to create an open source platform on which other blockchains can collaborate with CPA. Free TON allows us to make this decentralized system to be the cheapest and fastest of the available proposals in terms of implementation.

Are you willing to pay for transactions when the value of the token rises?

Now the bank spends an average of 4,500 rubles to attract one client, and a microfinance company spends about 2,000 rubles. Therefore, rate jumps are not comparable to these costs or profits.

How do you deal with loan defaults or are you just intermediaries?

We are intermediaries, therefore we are not responsible for this.

What will change in your work in connection with the change in the legislation on cryptocurrencies from January 1, 2021?

We do not see any special problems with this yet. Two of our tokens are already functioning in our platform. And we work in an absolutely legal field.

Which banks issue cards using your services?

All of the above banks.

Why do you need so many TON Crystal?

We have a large user base. Most of the coins will be credited to our users as a bonus to their personal account in the system.

Is there a referral system? What is the percentage?

Yes there is, 5%.

What kind of work do you do with artificial intelligence?

We receive about 35 million API requests and about 2 million – 2.5 million crossings. We have conversions for all these actions. The system analyzes this traffic and notifies the publisher and itself. Also, the system itself knows where it is best to redirect traffic, where it would be best converted. If you do not make the right decision, through which all will benefit, the client does not get the credit that he needs, and the bank will not give him the credit and the partner who brought this traffic does not make a profit. This deals with our AI.

How can an ordinary person make money in your project?

We reward users for attracting more users via their referral link to the application.

Are there any benefits of issuing credit cards in your service?

Of course, we have a loyalty system.

What network are your tokens on?

It’s just the inner points, we don’t use blockchain.

How will personal information be protected?

We are a certified center for the processing and transmission of confidential data. We have a variety of licenses.

Will accounts on your platform be deleted?

We do it all the time.

Whether you’re a tax agent?

Yes, of course.

What will be the commission for withdrawing TONs?

It will not be. I do not see the point. But we will take a commission for the execution of the contract, it will be up to 1 TON.

From January 1, 2021, it is possible that the cryptocurrency will be illegal in the Russian Federation. Have you thought about this scenario?

According to this law, the status of cryptocurrency will be legal. Therefore, this will not be a problem, but rather the opposite.

Does Unicom24 plan to enter the international market?

We consider access to the markets of India, Korea, Africa, Vietnam. In addition, there is currently no single global solution for lead generation analysis. We see it with the help of blockchain system, and that we want to implement in Free TON

Why not ether or bitcoin, but Free TON?

Because the speed is very important and also the price and the normal smart contracts.

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