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Main news

• A large strategic investor has appeared, which means further participation of funds and the appearance of liquidity in the network
• Launching DeNS: the project has been launched by a commercial company without allocating funds. Now the service is in demand among corporate companies in Asia.
• Promotion in Asia: participation in conferences. The PR team work

About Broxus products

QUBE, as a product, is almost finished, according to the Roadmap. The next is calibration
• While users are going deeper into the FlatQube DAO mechanics, Broxus has a stronger impact with its stack. In the future, this influence should decrease
• Among the privileges for Broxie NFT owners, there may be an impact on the size of yield and fees in farming, access to closed events
• GameFi project, which was reported at the last AMA, postponed due to the crypto winter
• It will be possible to farm stEVER with a small APR paired with WEVER when stEVER is several tens of millions

About integrations

• Everscale has been integrated into BitGo
• EVER integration into Trust Wallet is configured, but now the wallet team is loaded with the release of the "Metamask killer extension", and other projects have been postponed
• A bridge with Tezos implies using the strengths of both projects. Work on the bridge will continue as soon as Broxus allocates developers in this direction

About the ecosystem

• There was a bag in multisig, and it was fixed. All multisigs have been updated.
• Broxus will offer liquidity in QUBE and BRIDGE tokens for Flex on commercial terms
• It is advisable to launch active marketing when there is a breakthrough in the ecosystem

About Broxus plans until the end of 2022

• The updated financial model of the BRIDGE token will be published soon
• EVER Wallet is about to start to support NFT
• NFT marketplace should work like a White label so that anyone can release their collections

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