AMA session with ChainWars review ๐Ÿ“œ

The game
ChainWars is an NFT based collectible card game (it’s a real time player vs player game)
• The main goal of the game is getting and selecting a strong, diverse deck of cards so you can compete with the best players in the game
• It’s is about factions contains the Nimble Origon and the Humans

Game mechanics
It has 3 type of cards. Each deck contains 31 cards in total. Each card has its own ability and effects

Web3 launch
• Game is now running as a BETA on Web 2.0 with the NFT collection on OpenSea
• NFT sales start is expected on Q1 2023. After that the Web3 version will be launched
• Once Web 3 version is launched everything you earn inside the game such a NFTs, skins, weapons, lands (in future) will be tokenized

Current community
• 9000 members in Telegram channel. 3-4k games monthly (20-30k transactions per month are expected after Web3 launch)
• The team is also interested in the newcomers to be competitive
• The ranking system will be launch soon

Promo activities
• SMM cross promotion
• The next Bug bounty program will be launched once we go to Web3

Benefit for Everscale
Everscale is designed the way perfectly fitting the GameFi. The players from different blockchains can go to Everscale and back

CWE token
Thanks to the Infinite Loop protocol the team can generate the revenue from the NFT marketplace. The small amount of CWE from the market sales goes to the prize pools to have a loop going non-stop: more sales on NFT marketplace = more rewards in the prize pools

๐Ÿ“CWE token will be listed on FlatQube DEX on the 24th of October

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