AMA Livestream Summary with Grupovina (11/11/20)

AMA Livestream Summary with Grupovina (11/11/20)

Andre-Pier (Grupovina): We are a marketing agency. We’ve been around for 10 years and we’re planning to be around for another 10. We have more than 800 frequent business partners and more than 3000 business partners with whom we’ve worked. Our userbase is 500,000. Serbia is a well known IT hub, as it was already mentioned in our proposal.

As for the tokens, we don’t need anything upfront. Our business idea is to sell coupons. Our interest is our joint evolution. Joint marketing. We prefer giving the tokens instead of earning money from them. In our company we focus on marketing, we don’t have any developers.

We already have a brand, but we want more. We’re investing big in marketing. As for our potential partnership, we need to prepare our technical assignment, then it should be assessed, both with lawyers and the developers.

We basically have all the coupons for all the stuff on our site, lots of categories.

We did a survey and it showed that 68% would like to have an additional discount, like a loyalty club. 

From our perspective, we can provide an another TON Crystal use case, we can provide utility. We also can provide brand awareness on a country-wide scale (for both Grupovina and FT). We also offer token market turnover creation (demand/supply) and attract new users.

We’re not looking at TON Crystals as a form of payment, but rather as a price deduction method (possibly up to 100%, but it’s not guaranteed due to compliance issues which may arise). We are looked at from the Ministry of Finance and tax authorities.

So basically users will be able to use Grupovina and Popusti loyalty points as a price deduction and those loyalty points will be backed up by TON Crystals. We should have at least one way of integrating Free TON into our service.

Due to regulatory issues, we can’t accept TON Crystals as a method of payment since it will interfere with the current legislation.

We can reach certain KPIs so we’re eligible for another batch of TON Crystals, but if something goes wrong, we won’t take them. We are interested in joint development, that’s the key. We can do a monthly report where we send the money (with an invoice). That’s applicable to anything related to charity.

Ron Millow: Right now we need a use case (and we can subsidize it partially). So we need the usability first and then we can attract people.
Rather than going to some SubGovernance that already exists, it’s better organizing a Serbian (or Balkan) SubGovernance and proposing a marketing budget there.

The proposal is good, but I think all the marketing stuff needs to be moved down so everyone can see how much you’re asking, when and for what. And that’s it. We need to make sure everything is clear, because at the moment it doesn’t appear that way. The community needs to see clearly where the funds are going. And the way it’s written now, let’s just say it’s not so clear in the summary table. It needs to be in a way a child could understand. But we want the proposal to pass, so we just need to adjust some things.

Q: Do you plan to fully integrate TON Crystal like user balances? Or it would be like a checkout price reduction tool?
A: It will serve at least as a price reduction tool, and if everything goes smooth, we might add something more.

Q: Why did you choose Free TON?
A: We started keeping track of what was happening with TON, so it was interesting for us. After the SEC decision the TON was shut down, but then community comes in and resumes the work in a decentralized way. And we wanted to be a part of such community – that actually accomplishes something. A community that’s smart and progressive. That’s our choice.

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