AMA about KWT & GEX Review ๐Ÿ—ž

Mitya Goroshevsky explained the future of KWT tokens on GEX on the KWPC AMA session.

GEX is a fully decentralized limit order book exchange, native to the GOSH blockchain.
• Open source projects that has GOSH repositories with GOSH DAO tokens can list their tokens in GEX
• People who hold GOSH tokens can provide liquidity for the open source projects

GEX isn’t launching on GOSH now. It will be launched on the Everscale blockchain in cooperation with Flex.
• It means GEX uses Flex decentralized order book
• Only GOSH tokens against KWL token will be presented on GEX firstly
• The launch of GEX on Everscale is expected after the final unlock of KWT tokens.

KWT, or the Killer Whale Token, is the main liquidity providing token on GEX.
• After launching GEX on Flex you can stake KWT tokens 1-5 years and get KWL token.
• The investor will get maker fees in EVERs and farming % in project tokens additionally

The difference between KWL tokens and LV GOSH tokens:
• KWL is something you get if you have KWT tokens
• LV GOSH is something you get for staking GOSH tokens. It will be available later

KWF tokens is a different product. They are relating to the Fund. Find out more details in the Lite paper on the project website.

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