African Subgovernance KPI 2

African Subgovernance KPI 2

The proposal for the African subgovernance was made on forum back in December. They were promoting the FreeTON community on the continent, you can learn more about the subgovernance here.
On July 13, on the forum, in the thread with the subgovernance proposal, a request for tokens appeared, a second KPI report was submitted, which briefly described the achievements of the African subgovernance over the past six months.

Campaigns in the media space

  • Proposal for cooperation between African subgovernance and SMM subgovernance.
  • E-sports Tournament with Apex Legends Community
  • SOCIAL MEDIA CHARTBUSTER 2 Campaign, which was successfully carried out in June. The idea of ​​the contest was to promote the community on the African continent.

Educational initiatives

Creation of an educational program together with FreeTON Academy and African Universities. The Volunteering and Mentorship program has been updated and continues.
Educational program Ambassadorial Partnership, that is, the interaction between FreeTON Academy and African subgovernance.

African moderators initiative

An initiative to promote the FreeTON community within the continent, attracting more countries from the African continent to the ecosystem.

Africa Blockchain Week

In June, Morocco successfully hosted an online conference ABCW, or Africa Blockchain Week, which discussed the current state of blockchain technologies and their impact on the economic landscape.

The achievements of the sub-governance are impressive, however, the goal of moving the community inland and attracting representatives from different countries in Africa is very relevant.
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