Africa Blockchain Week Virtual Summit 2021: How It All Happened

Africa Blockchain Week Virtual Summit 2021: How It All Happened

The article is dedicated to Africa’s most significant blockchain event — Africa Blockchain Week Virtual Summit 2021, which took place from June 28 to July 1.

African subgovernance sponsored the ABCW virtual conference in Morocco and made it possible for its members to participate in it. Author — Timothy Kiaire — representative of the Free TON African SG.

From the just concluded Africa Blockchain Week Virtual Summit 2021, it’s crystal clear that blockchain technology is the way to go for Africa. With the high rates of inflation in most African countries, as mentioned by some speakers during the event, blockchain technology is chipping in to help solve this issue.

Anything that can conceive of as a supply chain, blockchain can vastly improve its efficiency — it doesn’t matter if its people, numbers, data, money. Ginni Rometty, CEO IBM

The Africa Blockchain Week Virtual Summit 2021 was one of a kind, the most prominent blockchain events in Africa, with over 10,000+ participants. There were speakers from across the globe tackling great topics.

Day One

Of course, apart from the welcoming notes, the day had great speakers grace the occasion and shedding more light concerning blockchain and Africa in particular. From the likes of Michael Terpin — Founder & CEO at Transform Group, who demystified how Blockchain Technology empowers Africa; Amrita Sethi, an award-winning Multi-media and NFT artist, who explained in detail about NFT Africa Blockchain; and Karn Dwivedi, Chairman at Ecoin Network who in black and white discussed the value of decentralized community in the crypto space, among others.

Day Two

This was the long-awaited day within the Free TON community, as one of our own, the Free TON Africa SG leader, John Kanyiri, together with other panelists, excited the day to represent the Free TON community in the panelist discussion about decentralized finance, especially on the global trends and solutions for the unbanked in Africa. You can listen to the presentation here.

Also, Rob Charles, Founder & CEO at Goldfingr, clarified how to ensure mass adoption for cryptocurrency. Michael’s sentiments and ideas are so unique that, if implemented adopted and implemented, they can help increase Ton Crystal’s usage and thus growing the Free TON community immensely.

Day Three

Great speakers with magnificent topics brought the event into a climax. It was made clear how blockchain technology can be utilized to ensure sustainable and sustainable development goals for Africa, investment strategies via blockchain, and how financial inclusion powered by technology and community can help build Africa, among others.

Free TON Africa Virtual Booth

As the Gold package sponsors of the Event, Free TON Africa had the opportunity to showcase and make known Free TON Blockchain to Africa and the world at large.

Although it was the first kind of event for the Africa SG to attend, no stone was left unturned, thanks to the entire team that made the event a success. Many thanks to the Free TON Academy and the Influencers SGs, as well as Human Ventures, for their collaboration in providing some of the needed materials for the virtual booth. Special thanks go to the Africa Free TON SG initial members for voting to pass the funding proposal. It couldn’t have been possible without your inputs. And to the entire Free TON community, thank you for registering and being part of the event.

If you missed the event, you don’t have to worry because you can still register here and watch the prerecorded videos.

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