50 millions EVER for the NFT Alliance?

50 millions EVER for the NFT Alliance?

On January 27, a proposal to form the NFT and GameFi Alliance and transfer 50 million EVER to the alliance was made on the forum. The proposal is substantiated by the fact that the wide coverage of the NFT market is crucial for the development of the Everscale network, since NFT are applicable in games, music, etc.

According to the proposal, the goal of the Alliance is to create an environment for substantial and sustainable growth of Everscale. NFT and GameFi Alliance plans to increase the number of transactions in Everscale, attract new NFTs and GameFi projects to Everscale, motivate and support development teams to create new projects on Everscale. As previously stated, NFT and GameFi Alliance requested 50 million EVER in one transaction to implement the plan.

The alliance includes itgold.io, GrandBazar.io, ChessNFT.com, NFT Third place, Rust Cup Game, Broxus, ScalePunks.com, SVOI.dev, NFTWiki, TonLoot.

Initially, the proposal was announced at the 88th community weekly MeetUp. Then it caused a heated discussion in the forum. Some users supported the project, but there were those who immediately expressed doubts: we should not transfer money with one transaction. Moreover, the work of the alliance can be called centralized.

The discussion continued at the 89th community weekly MeetUp, where CEO GramKit Nikita Knyazev criticized the proposal.

First of all, a claim was made regarding the work of the SVOI.dev team, which is part of the Alliance: the products created by the team on Everscale are useless. An example of such a product is the NFT Collection "Ton Punks", with which the team collected 2 million EVER. SVOI.dev developed a staking of their own tokens, and when community members asked questions about the benefit of the collection, they did not receive an adequate answer. Moreover, SVOI.dev received 250,000 EVER for developing DEX, which does not seem to work. CEO GramKit proposed to exclude the team from the alliance for further work.

From bad to worse. According to Nikita, we should not transfer the entire requested amount to NFT and GameFi Alliance, we have made these mistakes in the past more than once. Nikita proposes to split the amount into several parts and pay each part only after carefully checking the execution of the KPI after receiving the previous tranche. The Alliance must provide a detailed Road Map, execute the KPI, then submit it for Analytics Subgovernance review, only then receive the money (when executing the KPI) and work on.

In other words, the following happens in the community: we rename Subgovernance to Alliance and repeat Free TON mistakes. This will kill the whole project.

CTO TON Labs Mitja Goroshevsky did not agree with the criticism of SVOI.dev, but willingly supported the idea of ​CEO GramKit, criticizing the proposal of NFT and GameFi Alliance much more. Mitja believes that this proposal is the most ridiculous in the history of Everscale, since alliances, like subgovernances, will continue to siphon money from Everscale, without informing how their activities are progressing. In the case of NFT and GameFi Alliance, we give money away for nothing. This was followed with a very strong phrase:

If you do it, I’m leaving. I’m dead serious. 

CEO TON Labs Alexander Filatov also joined the discussion. At first, he expressed his opinion on the topic that subgovernances make sense, it is just necessary to allocate money to those subgovernances whose work has value for Everscale. Also, Alexander Filatov did not agree with the idea that the proposal to form the NFT and GameFi Alliance has no value, but agreed with the CEO GramKit proposal to divide 50 million EVER into several parts and transfer them after the implementation of the plan.

The discussion was finished by Darkwing Duck. He said that initiative groups should provide a large document like a business plan, which will outline absolutely all the steps of the planned activity: this is the only way to earn trust and get money for the implementation of the plan.

NFT & GameFi Alliance members have multiple signatures in Main Governance, TON Labs has only one. To accept this proposal, they need to collect 12 of the 22 signatures of Main Governance members. Go to the forum and join the discussion.

Will the community survive if Mitja Goroshevsky leaves, or will this be the end of Everscale? Join our chat and express your opinion!

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